How To Choose Curtains | Everything You Need to Know

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Window Curtains not only enhance the beauty of your space but also give warmth and coziness. Curtains could also be the best source of insulation in winter; it depends upon the type of fabric that you are choosing. It goes without saying that making an informed decision is important so that you can make the most from your window treatments. So, if you are deciding to buy curtains for your living space, there are some crucial factors that you need to consider before making a purchase.

Things to Consider Before Deciding On A Curtain Type

Things to Consider Before Deciding On A Curtain TypeForemostly, you should know the purpose of purchase and the area where you want to hang the curtains. Here are the rest of the essential aspects to consider.

Curtains And Drapes Difference

Curtains and Drapes are used interchangeably nowadays, but you should know the difference between them as these are not the same. Curtains are made from lightweight fabrics and are best to use for privacy concerns. But the drapes are something else, as they are crafted from heavy materials. They are best known to block incoming sunlight completely within a space. So, before deciding, it’s crucial to learn about the difference between these two terms.

Purpose of Curtains

You should know the purpose of the decision of having a new curtain treatment. For instance, if you are purchasing to block sunlight, you can choose curtains made from heavier material like velvet; these blackout curtains also enhance the elegance of a space. Whereas if you’re looking for a casual window treatment, you can choose lightweight curtains like cotton and linen ones.

Measure the Width and Length

Measure the Width and LengthIt is essential to first measure the width and length of the window frame before purchasing the curtains. Both the Width and length of the curtains matter a lot. You can choose curtains that pool on the floor because they give a dramatic appearance, whereas choosing curtains that are an inch above the floor will be a good option if you have kids in your living area. You can select the ideal size of the curtains by carefully measuring the window frame of your home.

Choose the Right Fabric

Choose the Right FabricChoosing the suitable fabric is an essential factor to consider before buying curtains for your home. Every material has its own pros and cons. Some fabrics are easy to clean and durable, while some are great at providing insulation. So, before deciding, consider the material from which curtains are made. Here are some fabric choices that you can go for.


The cotton is a light-weight curtain option. It gives a modern look to the space and does not need to be lined. So, you can choose cotton curtains if you have to provide a stylish look to your room.


If you are looking for a budget-friendly option for your home, you can choose linen-made curtains. They are great at insulating the interiors and reducing energy expenses. However, linen fabric can get wrinkled easily.


These are heavy-weight and luxurious curtains. If you specifically have to block the sunlight entering your room, you can choose this one as it is thick and high-coverage. Velvet window curtains also give a traditional look to your room.


Polyester curtains can be a good choice for your rooms and living area as they are budget-friendly, easy to clean, and have a longer life span. However, it is not recommended to use these curtains in your kitchen as these can catch fire easily.


The acrylic fabric is a lightweight option for your curtains. These curtains are non-toxic and similar to wool; they can be best used for insulation, and they are also resistant to mold.

Sheer Curtains

If you are not prioritizing privacy, you can choose sheer curtains because they allow the light to enter the room, which means a person can see in and out from these curtains. This is a lightweight curtain option, which gives a modern look to your home.

Lining and Non-Lining

Lining and Non-LiningLined curtains are heavier, while unlined curtains are lightweight. It is recommended to add lining to your curtains. Lining prevents heat in summer, keeping the room cool while also blocking heat loss in winters. It also protects the curtains and furnishings from sunlight. So, add lining to your windows while choosing curtains.

Choose the Right Color And Prints

Choosing the right color and print while buying curtains for your home is necessary because when you buy curtains unrelated to your home decor and furnishing, they don’t fit in the space.

It is recommended to select printed curtains for the home having solid color furnishing. This combination will be the best choice for a modern and aesthetic look. You can choose solid color curtains for the home with different printed furnishing patterns. These details increase the visual appeal of your home and reflect your creativity.

Choose Easy Maintenance Fabrics

Choose Easy Maintenance FabricsEach fabric has different cleaning methods. There is a need to wash your curtains every three months, but the choice of materials better describes it. Fabrics can be both low and high-maintenance. You can machine wash cotton or linen fabrics, but curtains made from sheer wool and silk require hand washing to prevent discoloration.

Energy Saving Ability

It is beneficial to buy curtains that have energy-efficient properties. These curtains can insulate the room by preventing excess cold from coming inside, ultimately making the room warm and cozy, while also preventing excess heat from entering the room during summer season. So, it is essential to consider curtains with energy-saving properties.


When choosing the curtains for your home, it is essential to know various important factors first. Are the curtains you buy durable, fit in your space according to your home decor and furnishing, have energy-efficient properties, and are easy to maintain? These questions will help you to make a better decision for your home because curtains have a significant impact on the entire appearance of your home.

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