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Looking for the perfect rug to add comfort and style to your space in Abu Dhabi? Green grass offers a wide variety of high-quality rugs in different styles, colors, and sizes. Find your perfect one today.

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Entice Up Your Space With Our Diverse Range Of Rugs Dubai

With the pop of bright colors, unique patterns, and comfort, our Rugs offers you to enjoy soft underfoot and make your space more inviting.

At Green GrassWe offer a huge variety of rugs Abu Dhabi in all sizes distinguished in terms of styles from modern to retro, traditional to contemporary, or shaggy to sleek. Our rugs Dubai are crafted and finished in all sizes and shapes like square rugs, diagonal rugs, or the most popular round shape.

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We Offer High Quality Rugs in All Colors & Pattern

If you’re looking to change the look of your space with just a few amendments or additions then rugs are an ideal element to add colors to your bold and bare room. Our modern rugs collection stocks rugs that are perfect to create the super soft and fluffy looking finish.

Offering your room a luxurious look and feel the quality of our rugs Abu Dhabi are reliable and durable to stay long. With a fluffy sheepskin, you can have a warm underfoot while adding a rustic touch to any of your space. We sell shaggy rugs to suit any kind of flooring and to fit all parameters of interior decor. Our rugs are made of high-quality materials, such as wool, cotton, silk, and jute, that are durable, soft, and easy to maintain.


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Our Rugs Collection

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We Offer All Types Of Rugs Abu Dhabi At Low Price in UAE

Manufacturing rugs of all types for many years we are now experts in considering all environmental factors while crafting rugs. Our manufacturing team is very keen to craft every end of the rug with the finest quality that is soft to touch but hard wearing and durable. In our cheap rugs Dubai collection, we offer Moroccan rugs, Persian Rugs, Round rugs & many other type of rugs in UAE.

From contemporary to traditional, plain to textured or patterned designs we are outfitted with every single assortment. We are the trusted brand for offering rugs and carpets with guaranteed durability. Our rugs are perfect making your space sophisticated and decorative too.

Let us help to build your dreamy home with our most dazzling modern rugs in Dubai, at very reasonable price.

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Place Your Order For Custom Made Rugs in Abu Dhabi & Dubai

We are now a leading brand with our quality of product, reasonable price range and offering high-end services to our customers. With the modern living standards, everyone is trying to make their home decor perfect with items complementing each other while making a striking look overall.

Adding rugs Abu Dhabi to your home decor will definitely enhance your space. We offer a fantastic choice to our customers for custom-made rugs that perfectly blend with their interior. With your dream ideas will mix our creativity and match our versatile range of vibrant shades resulting in a perfect piece of rug for you. We also furnish our customers to buy rugs online. We have displayed our fabulous design samples on our website with the perfect price range!

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What Makes Us Different for Selling Rugs Abu Dhabi & Dubai? 

At Green Grass, we deal with monochrome to ornate & vintage to modern designs of rugs with timeless design and perfect color combinations. We are offering the best complimenting collection of rugs. Our fashionable modern rugs are perfect for adding a valuable statement to your home decor and with bright shades. You can enhance the aesthetic look of your place by installing our rugs Dubai.

Our rugs offers both indoor and outdoor which are equally suitable for both areas. Moreover, we are also launching economical deals on our latest collection of rugs in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, & you’re welcome to avail of the offer! Contact us now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

For this purpose, you need to evaluate the available color and pattern choices. For instance, if your interior has a lot of bold colors or detailed designs/prints/patterns, then it’s best to choose plain or neutral rugs. Similarly, you should prioritize bright-colored or patterned rugs for minimal spaces.

Handmade rugs are better than machine-made ones because they feature more authenticity and excellence in weaving. Additionally, they are also more soft, comfortable, and warm underfoot and can last for the longest periods. Besides, their entire making involves less or no chemicals.

This initially depends on the size, style, and thickness you’re getting. Usually, Moroccan-style rugs cost around 500 AED to 2,500 AED, i.e. the pricing varies with the build quality and design details. You can have complete cost estimates from us for every rug type and service both online and in person.

Ensure vacuum cleaning your handmade rugs every week or more frequently if they receive a lot of intense usage. Clean up all spills, splashes, and droppings immediately and carry out necessary spot treatments as well. Deep clean them once in a while with mild detergents and ensure proper drying.

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