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Want to get rid of your old & outdated wallpapers? Book our expert wallpaper removal service in UAE today!

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Get Rid of Your Old Wallpaper With Our Efficient Wallpaper Removal

Removing old & peeled wallpapers can be a tricky, tough, and sometimes messy task to do. But living with old damaged wallpaper is more irritating. You can get rid of this by simply hiring our professionals for wallpaper-removal Dubai. is a top-notch firm offering the best wall paper removal service at incredibly low rates.

Our experts are highly skilled to efficiently remove wallpaper without damaging your wall. Our wallpaper removal experts use latest tools to remove your stubborn wallpaper. Our professionals follow high-end techniques for accurately removing the wallpaper.

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Methods Of Our Wallpaper Removal Service in Dubai

We have been providing reliable wallpaper-removal Dubai services for over 10 years at reasonable price in UAE. We use the latest methods and techniques to remove wallpaper quickly and easily, without damaging. Our wallpaper removal services, includes:

Steaming: This is a gentle method that is often used for delicate wallpapers. A steamer is used to heat the wallpaper, which makes it easier to peel away.
Chemical stripping: This method uses chemicals to dissolve the wallpaper adhesive. This is a more aggressive method, but it can be effective for removing stubborn wallpaper.
Mechanical stripping: This method uses tools such as a wallpaper steamer, a wallpaper stripper, or a scraper to remove the wallpaper. This is the most aggressive method, but it can be effective for removing wallpaper that has been damaged or is difficult to remove with other methods.

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Greengrass Is The Best Wallpaper Removal Contractors in Dubai

We are pro contractors for offering wallpaper & removal services. We have variety of wallpaper for home, office or business. we have been serving many residential and commercial customers for almost 18 years. We take pride in providing the most accurate, fast, and reliable wallpaper removal and painting services in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

If you want to hire us for wall stickers removal services in Dubai then we promise to give your wall a smooth and fresh look, then you have to follow a few simple steps to get the wall paper removal Or fixing services. Let’s Checkout the steps:

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Steps To Get Our Wall Paper Removal Services In UAE

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For getting the wallpaper removal Dubai services you can call us at +971544272142 or reach us via email at

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As soon as we receive your query, our customer service consultant will contact you to schedule a visit to your place to check the actual condition of the wall.

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When we visit your place, we can let you know about the estimate for the whole wallpaper removal project.

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Finalize The Time Project Execution

After the approval of the quotation, we’ll finalize the time for removing the wallpaper. We use premium quality products to remove wallpaper. You can be sure to get a fresh and smooth wall after wallpaper removal Dubai, Abu Dhabi.

All these steps of removal wallpaper are done with proper management and your complete will. We work exactly what you demand and assure 100% guaranteed results.

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Why Choose Our Wallpaper Removal Service?

Greengrass. ae, is UAE’s leading wallpaper removal company offering incredible services. We have been working with a diverse portfolio of residential & commercial clients. We are a team of qualified experts for removing and fixing wallpaper. You can trust us for any kind of wallpaper removing in Abu Dhabi & Dubai. All our services are available at very affordable rates.

We have a huge list of satisfied customers. Our commitment and quality of work are the core reason for our success. You can hire us for fast & Reliable removal of your wallpaper. If you have any query related to wallpaper removal Dubai, call us or throw us an email, we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible!

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