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Green Grass is the top-rated specialist of Arabic Majlis styling in UAE, providing the widest range of high-quality furniture and classic decor for the modern decorations for majlis.

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With us, you can enjoy adding the finest and most authentic majlis furniture to your places. Our Arabic Majlis furnishing and decor services are widely available for every small and large Majlis space and you can get complete assistance from us for the perfect Arabic-style interior decor. In addition to that, we also provide customized Arabic-style Majlis decor and furniture facilities to help you design a truly unique and personalized space.

From Arab-inspired Majlis Sofas to Arabic Majalis floor seating, we have every option available to provide well for every taste and requirement. Explore our gallery today to get the best decor ideas!

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We Offer Customized Arabic Majlis Furnishing At Low Rates

At our shop, you’ll come across the most versatile variety of materials, designs, fabrics, styles, and finishes for outstanding Majlis area decors. We provide custom sofas, tables, upholstery fabrics, carpets, rugs, sofa cushions, throw pillows, curtains, floor cushions, decorative chairs, mattresses and lots of other Majlis outdoor furniture Dubai. From framing to finishing, you can have every part of the furniture items designed per your liking and desired majalis themes.

You can choose from a range of wood species and natural materials for sofas, ottomans, chairs, low tables, and storage items. We provide both printed and plain upholstering options in multiple fabrics and textures like Real leather, plush silk, and warm wool for the most comfortable and inviting seating. Get in touch right away to discuss your ideas and get the best solutions!

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Arab-Majlis Furniture Styles 2024

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We Offer Unique Designs Of Arabic Majalis Decor & Furnishing

At our shop, you can find Majlis decor and furniture items for every theme and style. Here are some of the most popular options we provide.

  • Moroccan Majlis: This majlis decor stands out with eye-catching colors, elaborate patterns, and luxurious materials. We offer authentic traditional prints and patterns for every item and fabrication.
  • Misri Majlis: This majlis decor involves eco-friendly materials like wood, stone and natural fabrics in pastel and neutral colors, the perfect choice for people preferring modern majlis looks.
  • Afghani Majlis: This majlis theme includes classic decorations, fun geometric patterns, and prints, traditional Calligraphy, statement pieces, and rich colors in every furnishing and fabrication element.
  • Turkish Majlis: This theme is best known for its luxurious and eye-catching components like bold and bright colors, intricate patterns, and heavy-duty furnishing for an opulent decor.
  • Arabic Majlis: This majlis interior setup involves cozy floor seating, low tables, Arabian decor and artwork, luxurious fabrics and textures, layered lighting, and thick and plush carpets.
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We have the trendiest, most versatile, and entirely economical majlis furniture and decor available!

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Our professionals are available round the clock to help you with all queries and concerns and provide you with amazing suggestions for designing your dream Majlis interior. No matter what theme or style you want, we can always provide for every need of yours. Also, investing in our luxurious Arabian Majlis decor will not just improve your home’s beauty and comfort, but will also increase the value of your property.

Other than residential Majlis services, we also provide Arabic-style interior decor and furnishing for larger areas and commercial scales. This way, you can entertain yourself and your guests in a classic and welcoming space in any setting of your choice. We await your messages!

Trendsetting Arabic Majlis Dubai

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Green Grass is amongst the best UAE Arabic Majlis Services Providers and we offer the most versatile range of Majalis furniture and decor servicing, that too, at budget-friendly prices. Our Majlis Furniture Dubai comes with the finest quality and outstanding looks and you can design a range of classy majalis themes with our products. Other than ready-made options, we also provide premium-grade customized Arabian Majlis furniture, floor seating, and decor.

With us, you’ll enjoy the fastest delivery and furniture assembling services and can have your Majlis interior ready in no time. We also provide free area measurements and in-home product samples to make sure you get the perfect fit for your area and preferences. You can get quick pricing estimates for any desired furniture or service and can talk to our experts 24/7 for the best suggestions. Our Majlis furniture cost is the most affordable in the UAE Market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The major steps of designing an Arabic Style Majlis are defining your main requirements, setting a budget, and deciding on a majlis style. Afterward, you’ll need to get suitable furnishing, tables, and comforting stuff like cushions or throw pillows, floor and window coverings, and lights.

Some of the best modern Majlis ideas include prioritizing lighter and neutral colors for decor accentuation, comfy seating with sleek lines and geometric shapes, natural material upholstery, eco-friendly carpeting, small tables, minimal decorations, warm lighting, and classic artwork.

This majorly depends on your taste and the occasion and gathering you’ll be having. Some of the most versatile Majlis decoration ideas are layering fabrics and textures, adding flowers/floral prints and greenery, scented candles, seasonal stuff, and Arabic-inspired decor like calligraphy.

The most prominent element in an Arabic traditional Majlis is low-seating furniture like long sofas, floor cushions, upholstered benches, Arabic mattresses, low tables, and Tekay (traditional cushions). You can enhance these furnishings with complementing carpeting and decorations.