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Artificial grass wall installation for a lush green look

Beautify Your Walls With Natural Look Artificial Grass For Walls

Want natural scenery for your indoors? We have just the right Artificial Grass for Walls Abu Dhabi for your homes, offices, and apartments. Our fake grass wall gives the perfect experience of being very close to nature’s beauty. Our artificial grass wall decor will surely let you feel that you are in a totally natural and pacifying atmosphere.

It is wholly useful for both indoors and outdoors and always looks super awesome and natural. Artificial Grass has the look and feel of natural grass and is best to create a sound surrounding to relax and entertain in. They can help in achieving a perfect garden landscape and are super cozy to be in.

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Transform Your Walls With Our Wall Artificial Grass

Greengrass brings you the best fake grass for your interiors and exteriors. Our Wall Artificial Grass is a great way to spruce up your backyard. It is extremely durable and will hold up under a variety of circumstances. Have your walls covered by the refreshing and soothing with the artificial grass roll and grass wall indoor.

It is quite lightweight, compact and can be easily mounted on most vertical areas. For a permanent green appearance and esthetic garden walls, you must go for our artificial grass wall decor. Artificial Grass for Walls Dubai provides quickly and reliably the closest appearance to nature in all domestic and commercial places.

Artificial grass for walls in a living room setting

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Our Artificial Wall Grass Projects

Outdoor space enhanced with artificial grass wall
Close-up of artificial grass texture on a wall
Artificial grass wall decor in a modern office
Green wall made of high-quality artificial grass.
Artificial grass wall for a vibrant outdoor area
Artificial grass wall providing a natural ambiance
Synthetic grass wall for indoor decoration
Artificial grass enhancing a garden wall

Buy Durable Artificial Grass for Walls At Low Price 

We offer you a fake grass wall for creating the right calming and natural environment for your nerves. We help to maintain a beautiful lawn all year long in the unpredictable and not-so-favorable weather conditions in UAE. Artificial Wall Grass requires minimal maintenance and provides long-term usage in return.

“We Are Adding Care to your Green Dream”

It does not need any irrigation or drainage systems and is super durable. It is safe and secure to use for both children and pets with its no staining properties. It is well resistant to a constant and high pressure of foot traffic. It is made from fine synthetic fibers that do not fade and preserve their color and size without any sunlight or water. In addition to this, Artificial Grass gives the natural appearance of real green grass.

Durable artificial grass for exterior walls
Artificial grass wall for a relaxing garden atmosphere
Vertical garden with artificial grass
Artificial grass wall creating a cozy outdoor corner

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Smart Benefits of Wall Artificial Grass!

Our fake grass for wall offers a stream of legit benefits that will surely make you want it for your home. Our Artificial grass for walls decor is a practical and smart option to go for since it doesn’t require the caring procedures as the real lawn grass does and yet looks equally beautiful and lively. Wall artificial grass is a smart and beneficial option because it retains a lot of water and electricity bills.

It requires little to no maintenance unlike real grass such as watering, mowing, decluttering and even purchasing lawn equipment. Artificial Grass is a clean and safe substitute for real grass with no dust or dirt clotting properties and no home providing for harmful herbicides and pesticides.

Artificial grass wall for a pet-friendly environment
Lush green artificial grass wall for commercial space
Artificial grass wall for a modern, green interior

Why Choose Us For Wall Grass?

Artificial grass wall decor is the right choice for recreational areas to make them appear the most pleasant. Artificial Grass for Walls is really economical and definitely pays back the best performance, It requires a minimal amount of money and maintenance spent on it and yet stays durable for a considerable period of time.

They don’t need harsh chemicals or fertilizers for cleaning purposes. They are manufactured from synthetic fibres and are hence completely non-allergic and non-toxic. They save significantly on energy bills since they don’t require any irrigation or watering. It is a smart solution to beautify public places while eliminating the usage of harmful pesticides too.

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