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Get our expert services for adding comfortable upholstery to your chair frame, providing proper relaxation within a reasonable price range in Abu Dhabi.

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Revive Your Chair Comfort With Our Comfy Chair Upholstery Service

People ask our experts if they should change the upholstery of their chairs or purchase a new one. The answer is, it is better to change the upholstery of your chairs than to buy new chairs. Our chair upholstery Abu Dhabi service can transform your old chairs into an outstanding ones.

If your frame is okay and the foam and springs are damaged from excessive use, then you should also go for only chair foam replacement. We are use you high-quality upholstery fabric and foam for upholstering your chair in Abu Dhabi & Dubai.

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We use Premium Fabric For Chair Upholstery Abu Dhabi

We are providing almost 300+ fabric option for upholstery service. Our all fabrics are made from high-quality material so you can choose your favorite fabric and can get ideal results from our chair Upholstery Abu Dhabi services.

We have stock of different fabrics having different colors and patterns on chair & sofa Reupholstering services such as printed velvet, summer teal cotton, plain chenille, silver linen look, ripple striped effect corduroy, smooth faux suede for chairs upholstery in Abu Dhabi & Dubai, Our we use these fabric for reupholstering your chair at low price.

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If you have pets and children at your place, you should select the upholstery material wisely. We never advise light colors and delicate fabrics for households with children or pets. Consider the shapes of your chairs when choosing chair upholstery Abu Dhabi services, as the type of chairs matters a lot. For example, for wingback chairs, leather upholstery is the ideal choice.

When you are buying upholstery, ask the store owner to give you samples. For the convenience of our customers, we are also providing free samples with our upholstery service for chairs. This way, you can check the fabric first before making a purchase from us. Additionally, we offer our customers the option to replace the old foam in their chairs before fully upholstering them.

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Avail Our Customized Chair Upholstery Service in Abu Dhabi

At green grass, We are providing customized chair repairing services, so you can get the ideal fabric for your chairs. You just need to choose the fabric for your chairs and then we renovate them according to your choice.

We provide Chair Upholstery Abu Dhabi services for every type of chairs such as club chairs, Windsor chairs, egg chairs, dining chairs, tulip chairs, arm chairs, desk chairs, and many more, we also offer outdoor furniture upholstery services. Our experts use latest tools and technique to repair you chair in no time. If you want to get upholstery services for any type of your chairs, we are here to serve you.

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Why Choose Us For Chair Upholstery?

No matter what is the size or number of your chair, we will serve you with our top-quality Chair upholstery Abu Dhabi treatment at your place. You can get your favorite chairs upholstered at cheap rates. We are considered as the best upholstery company because of our amazing services and care for our customers.

We have a larger number of upholstery stuff at Green Grass and we also prepare fabric on demands. So if you need a combination of two or more fabric for your chairs, then we will provide you fabric according to your needs. We not only provide fabric & upholstery services but also the stitching services at cheap rates, contact us now!


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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of reupholstering a chair ranges between 550 AED to 1,000 AED for a seat. However, it can also fluctuate with the type of fabric and any additional or complex design requirements. Moreover, if the chair is heavily damaged, then also, the project is likely to be somewhat costly.

Upholstering a chair provides many benefits, foremostly the improvement of appearance and usage comfort. Other advantages include the protection of underlying furniture structure, improved durability, ease of upkeep, long-term preservation, value enhancement, and customization flexibility.

The standard time for a reupholstering job is 8 to 14 hours and this can change with the size of the chair. For example, dining chairs take less time while accent chairs or recliners require more time. Besides, if a chair is excessively damaged or defiled, more time will be required to fix it.

Yes, we provide free pick-up and delivery services for chairs upon request. Our services are available in all parts of Dubai and Abu Dhabi and customers can reach out to us anytime. Additionally, on-site upholstery and upholstery treatments are also available for convenience.

Some of the best recommendations in this regard are Leather, Linen, Acrylic, Olefin, Polyester, Microfiber, Cotton, and Wool. These fabrics are excellent at providing comfort and posture support, are easy to clean, can be customized well, and offer longer periods of serviceability too.