Buy Traditional Mosque Carpet Abu Dhabi

The mosque is a very prestigious place for Muslims so it needs to look attractive and welcoming. There are so many elements that collectively build up the mosque’s interior. Mosque Carpet Abu Dhabi plays a vital role in making up the interior.

“Our Carpets Are Designed By Experts Especially For You”

Masjid carpet in Dubai should be chosen with so much care. At Green Grass, prayer mats Dubai are available in so many beautiful prints and colors. Our Mosque Carpets Dubai is soft, comfortable, and visually appealing.


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Art Production of Mosque Carpet Abu Dhabi 

Green Grass guarantees you to offer the best carpet for mosques in Abu Dhabi. Our art production process meets the top standards and makes sure that we provide the best quality Mosque Carpet Abu Dhabi. We offer a top-notch product that is durable and visually attractive as well.

“Presenting A Nice Look Carpets For Your Mosques”

Its dense construction, soft yarns, and different pile weights make our carpet perfect for the mosque project. Our printing process is very flexible and it allows personalized patterns and color without requesting the high volumes. We have years of experience in manufacturing mosque carpet Dubai and we are the famous suppliers of carpets all over the UAE.

Need any Consultation?

For your any query and consultation, our contact team is available 24/7.

Features of Mosque Carpet Abu Dhabi & Dubai 

Buying a carpet is a tricky task. It takes your effort to choose the best prayer carpet for the masjid. To make it easy for you, here we have mentioned some features that should be in the Mosque Carpet Abu Dhabi. It will help you in making the selection of your desired carpet.

  • The mosque prayer mat should be soft and comfortable. The fabric should not be hard and rough.
  • It needs to be matched with the interior to make it look welcoming and attractive.
  • Mosque prayer carpet Dubai should be less printed. Overly printed carpets look like some casual carpets.
  • Prayer Room Carpet Dubai should be installed wall to wall.

The visual Appearance of Mosque Carpet Dubai

We are the best Mosque Prayer Carpet Suppliers in Dubai and eagerly present the carpets that match your interior. It is one of the most appealing and decorative items of the Mosque Carpet Abu Dhabi. For this reason, choose the carpets in Dubai. Mosques usually prefer lined carpets so that people can easily get adjusted in the ques. Round carpet also complements the interior of the mosque.

“We Are Providing You Carpet With Luxurious Comfort”

Mosque carpet Dubai should have a minimal pattern. Overly printed carpets distract people from praying. They lost in the beauty of designs and do not focus on the worship.  Mosque floor carpets should be non-slippery and soft, they should have a strong grip on the feet so that people can pray without any fear of getting slipped, especially the old age citizens.

Why Choose Us?

At Green Grass, we sell the best quality Mosque Carpet Abu Dhabi at highly affordable rates. Whether you want a whole wall-to-wall carpet in customized measurements or you just need one prayer rug, we have every kind of prayer mat wholesale in Dubai.

If you have any issue with taking the measurements, we can take free measurements of the mosque to make an exact-sized carpet. We provide a free delivery service for our Mosque Carpet Dubai. Moreover, we also offer installation services.

For further assistance or making any discussions, call us at+971544272142 or send u an email at


We Are Unique From Others!

We at Green Grass, present the latest variety of carpet for Mosque Carpet Abu Dhabi with fast fixing and installation services all over UAE. Our prayer carpet for masjid manufactured with the finest quality materials for this reason we become the no.1 brand in UAE. Our quality and standard make us different from others. 

“We present the world’s largest Mosque Carpets in Abu Dhabi at a low price”

Do consider us for your next mosque carpet installation in UAE, we eagerly present free delivery, free measurement, free quotation, and free estimation services all over UAE. Our professional staff 24/7 ready to serve you, do contact us and hire our expert team of staff today.