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Upgrade Your Interior with Our Stylish Sisal Rugs

Rugs are made with agave plant’s fiber, they offer an excellent and versatile choice to suit every interior theme. Our sisal rugs, crafted from natural sisal fibers, boast beautiful textures available in a variety of patterns, from contemporary to modern.

With the natural tones, we enrich every rug with modern and minimalist designs. These rugs can bear high foot traffic & furniture weights without compromising their looks. The practical and subtle look of sisal fiber rugs provides a featured background to complement your other furnishing assortments.

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Buy Latest Design Sisal Rugs In Different Style & Color

Sisal being a no 1 go-to natural rug mostly considered as a part of traditional interior decor. With the latest trends of designing now, our designers have introduced geometrical & classic designs of these rugs.

Our strong sisal-rugs are available in variety of color and design. We are a team of professionals with perfect creative skills to design and create each and every texture. Some of our best selling sisal fiber rugs are Traditional style, Shaggy, Round shape, Animal skin rugs, Kids’ room, Outdoor, & indoor rugs. Our sisal fiber, animal patterned rugs are woven in natural and bold colors.

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Our Sisal Rugs Collection

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Benefits of Having Our Sisal Rugs Dubai

These fiber rugs offer a perfect aesthetic look to your space also qualify best for offering many favorable benefits. Their quality is determined by their weight, type of fiber, and overall outlook. We craft every end of the sisal round rugs with the perfect quality and considering customers’ needs. Our sisal made rugs offer a list of benefits like:

  • Crafted with 100% natural and biodegradable fiber.
  • Durable and reliable.
  • They are Non-toxic and antibacterial rugs.
  • Resistant to humidity.
  • Our Sisal Rugs are sturdy and hard-wearing gives rustic look to your flooring.
  • Provides natural sound insulation.
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Place Your Order For Custom Made Sisal Rugs In UAE

If you are looking for natural yet modern designs of rugs to enhance your place’s decor then we can help you to bring style, quality, and sustainability to your place. Our custom order sisal rugs collection offers great enhancing floor coverings that offer a soothing natural look and can perfectly fit into the interior of any style.

Particularly sisal fiber rugs are the most popular solution to cover your spaces with professional and heart-throbbing designs. Beauty, versatility, timeless design customization are the key features of sisal outdoor rugs. These rugs can be crafted in any shape like round, animal, square, or rectangular shapes.

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Why To Prefer Our Sisal Rugs?

At Green Grass, we have are team of highly skilled professionals who design, create, and craft every single assortment with perfection. We aim to provide our customers with top quality rugs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi so they can style their place with durable rugs. Our sisal rugs add strength to your floor, bear maximum weight, and protect your floors from furniture scratches.

With our custom-made rugs facility, we first determine your needs and then start crafting your rugs and finish them with our expertise. We provide the right texture and theme to make your interior decor perfectly complementing. Connect us online for order placement.

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