Attractive Vertex Blinds Abu Dhabi, UAE

Vertex blinds Abu Dhabi are able to add a finishing touch to your place. Our beautiful blinds can be installed in living rooms, bedrooms, TV launches, kitchens, bathrooms, offices, cafes, hotels, and restaurants. They are perfect for every place as they can glorify the place where installed.

Our blinds in UAE have a large range of designs, colors, and fabric. Vertex blinds Dubai are hung like curtains and give your place a stunning look. So if you want to give your place a neat and tidy finishing look, then our blinds are the best option for you.


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The lining of Vertex Blinds Abu Dhabi

Now we have developed a new feature in our blinds to make them more protective for you. We introduced a lining process for our blinds to give them the extra capability to withstand ultraviolet radiation. In this way, our Vertex Blinds Abu Dhabi becomes more secure and gives you extra protection against harmful rays.

We are providing many different types of lining having different properties so you can get the one which is most suitable for you. Our vertical blinds Dubai has different types of lining such as Neutral Coloured Lining, Interlinear Deluxe, Charlotte, blackout coating, Thermoguard, uncoated, Sunliner, Vertex blinds Dubai and Precision, Polaris, Nightshade, and Twilight coating.

Need any Consultation?

For your any query and consultation, our contact team is available 24/7.

Simple Operation and Easy Maintenance of Vertex Blinds Abu Dhabi

When it comes to maintenance, blinds cause trouble for many people. Cleaning blinds is not a difficult process, but keeping in mind the needs of our customers we design our vertical roller blinds in such a way that they can easily clean from just a duster. You can remove the fabric of vertex blinds Abu Dhabi & Dubai and can wash the fabric easily.

For your ease, we also introduced a motorized system for the operating of blinds. Now you can control your vertex window blinds with your smartphone. Vertex shades also allow you to control the excessive rays of light that enter your place. You can also adjust the position of the blinds whenever you need some light and fresh air.

Our Vertex Blinds Dubai Ideal For?

Our blinds are ideal for places where privacy is a top priority that’s why they are mostly used in homes, offices, and hotels. They contain a mixture of sheer and solid fabric which’s why they are ideal for the blockage of light. Vertex blinds Dubai hangs independently so you can pass through them without disturbing a unique impression of your room.

These blinds are ideal for places having kids because children’s safety is our priority. For this reason, we are providing cordless vertex window blinds that are highly safe for your kids. They are also ideal for large windows because of the flexibility of their material & polyester fabric materials.

Why Choose Us?

We are the best provider of blinds in Dubai. We at Green Grass, supplying high-quality Vertex blinds Dubai at very reasonable rates. Our experts have 30 years of experience in making blinds so you can order us and we shall provide you our custom-made blinds for you. We have an enormous range of fabrics for blinds. You can select your favorite fabric for your blinds. Our versatile range of blinds contains all the latest designs for vertical blinds Dubai.

Now you can buy the latest blinds for your place from our store and online. After purchasing blinds, the big issue is their installation. So we solve this issue for you by providing our expert installation services at minimum rates. Our delivery services for Vertex Blinds Abu Dhabi are free of cost. Now you must fully know our all wonderful services so you can rely on us trustfully.