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Green Grass stocks the finest range of trendy and attractive Sofa Beds, best for both small and large interiors in Dubai.

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Maximize Your Space With Our Stylish & Foldable Sofa Bed Dubai

Sofa Bed by Green Grass will be the best furnishing investment for you, offering a range of benefits and endless serviceability. These type of beds doubles as a cozy bedding, in addition to being a classy sofa. It features the most beautiful profile.

It’s the ideal furniture item to invest in, so as to make the most out of available space and enjoy maximum comfort. We have a number of attractive styles available for these exceptional sofas, suitable for every interior decor. Shop for our cheap Sofa Bed Dubai today!

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We Offer Top Quality & Versatile Sofa Bed Dubai

Our pull out sofa beds are one of the most space-saving furniture items, offering dual functionality and endless benefits. they can be placed in any and every area, and proves to be extremely helpful during gatherings or when you have overnight guests. Besides, we design these sofas with stylish and heavy-duty framing materials and sofa upholstery fabrics for a luxurious decor.

You can beautify your bedrooms, living rooms, guest rooms and all other desired areas with our best small sofa bed. Our furniture piece will make every space look welcoming and will complement the surrounding furnishing as well. they are incredibly long-lasting and will give you the best value for your money.

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Our Sofa Bed Projects

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Types Of Sofa Bed We Offer

We offer a range of eye-catching types and styles for convertible sofa bed Dubai so that you can easily choose the best match for your interior decor and requirements. Here are the most popular choices:

2 Seater Sofa Bed

This sofa style is perfect for small interiors like studio apartments and other similar spaces. It offers accommodation for two people and does not take excessive room space in any form..

Foldable Sofa Bed

This couch bed comes in multiple styles and offers a great way to maximize your room’s Space, It will help save money on buying additional furniture and will offer you exceptional comfort.

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L Shape Sofa Bed

This style of sofa Dubai bed is excellent for placing in corners, hence expanding the available space. It provides plenty of seating space and can be effortlessly converted into a comfy bed.

Corner Sofa Bed

With this unique convertible sofa style, you can make the most out of your room’s corners and turn it into a cozy bedding whenever needed. It’s super lightweight and easy to convert.

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Get Our Expert Sofa Bed Services in UAE

Green Grass serves you with complete and cost-effective furnishing services under one roof. In addition to high-quality sofa-bed Dubai, we also provide sofa upholstery service, repair, fixing, and assembling services for these convertible sofas. You can have our services for both the styling and maintenance of your new and old sofas.

Our repair services include the fixing and revival of the sofa’s frame, upholstery, cushioning, hardware and covering. You can timelessly renew any desired sofa of yours with our excellent and affordable services. We enhance your convertible sofas with high-quality, plush, stain and wear-resistant treatments, making them easy to maintain. Get our skillful sofa bed repair services today and enjoy amazing discounts.

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Why Choose Us?

At Green Grasswe have the most purposeful and long-term favorable furnishing options for you. Our best and cheap sofa bed Dubai is one of the most advantageous and versatile furniture items that serve a range of purposes. These daybeds will help you a lot when you need to accommodate guests or visitors or are simply looking forward to having a cozy furniture addition to your places.

Over and above, we provide design customizations, upholstery treatments and sizing flexibility for these exclusive sleeper sofas, helping you decorate your interiors just the way you want. You can buy sofa convertible bed Dubai at pocket-friendly rates from us and enjoy endless comfort.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our sofa bed Dubai is a value-for-money furnishing that offers various advantages such as additional bedding, space-saving, comfy seating, easy maintenance and conversion, decorative possibilities and even extra storage. It’s the most versatile seating furniture with multiple uses.

We provide a range of customizations for sleeper sofas, depending on your interior requirements and your preferences. These include frame and upholstery material personalizations, stain-resistant treatments, custom designing, integrated storage, conversion features and decorative additions.

There are multiple upholstery fabrics available at Green Grass for covering and treating sleeper sofas. The most popular and hard-wearing options include real and faux Leather, Velvet, Microfiber, Chenille, Suede, Cotton, Linen, Tweed, Corduroy, Acetate, Silk, Hemp, Acrylic, Rayon, Polyester and various others.

Of course! Our sleeper sofa Dubai will be the best addition to your bedrooms, offering the expansion of both seating and bedding whenever needed. When not in use, you can benefit from it as a sofa or couch and even get additional perks such as storage space.

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