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Create a functional & appealing comfort zone in your interiors with the finest header-style curtains available at our shops in Dubai and nearby cities.

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Looking for the best shop to buy wave curtains online? Green Grass gladly presents you with the most trendy, durable, and budget-friendly ripple fold curtains. Our uniform fold header style drapes are designed to style the modern and traditional decors of your offices, libraries, hospitals, and living spaces.

These stylish and purposeful window coverings are ideal choices to cover windows in terms of privacy, security, and insulation. You can give your contemporary and minimalist living spaces a functional revival with our convenient-to-use and damage-resistant drapes.

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We Offer High-Quality Custom Made Wave Curtains

Gleam up your interiors by hanging our stylish coverings on your windows. To transform the overall appearance and style of your residential and commercial spaces, we provide heavy-duty and versatile wave fold blackout curtains. They are made from silk, cotton, soft sheer, and voile materials of premium quality to ensure their functionality. With excellent craftsmanship, sewing, and finishing, we provide long-lasting drapes for windows.

Besides ready made wave-curtains ones, you can get customized wave curtains for the personalized windows. We provide tailor-made window coverings from the aspects of styles, colors, materials, patterns, and texture. Also, for the ideal finish of your oversized windows, entryways, and sliding patio doors, you can get window dressings in custom size from us. Book us anytime for affordable drape customizations!

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Highlighted Features Of Our Best Wave Curtains

To bring sophistication, comfort, and functionality to your living spaces, our ripple fold drapes are the best choice to go for. Our trendsetting window coverings come in a broad range of colors, materials, textures, and layouts to accommodate any interior style. Dressing your windows with these uniform fold-style drapes will provide you with effective control over light, insulation, and privacy.

Our window drapes with simple hooks and sliders are easy to operate and can be motorized. These curtains are also resistant to damage from spills, splashes, and sunlight. Above all, our high-performance and durable window coverings are simple to maintain and care for.

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Are you in search of trusted and professional curtain fitters? As the best wave-curtains supplier, we are here to help you with window-covering fitting services. Our workshop has experienced and skilled workers to fix your drapes on residential and commercial windows. Our team reaches you on time at your spaces equipped with the required tools and timeless expertise.

To ensure the accuracy of measurements, we install specified flat tracks for wave drapes and efficiently hang curtains on windows. Not just simple installations, our certified team can integrate motorized Curtains systems on the client’s demand for additional benefits. Additionally, we repair or fix drapes and provide heavy-duty drape hardware materials for ideal window styling.

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Why Choose Us For Wave Curtains In Dubai?

Green Grass is a Dubai-based store that provides the highest quality window coverings for style and functionality enhancement. At our leading window covering store, we stock the most glamorous styles for modern wave window curtains to give your residential and commercial spaces a sumptuous makeover. Our high-performance drapes are finely manufactured to luxuriate in your interiors, ensuring longevity.

By reviewing the samples, you can flexibly select your favorite color and designs for drapes. Also, you can personalize these drapes to match the exact window dimensions. Besides sampling and customizations, we ensure the doorstep installation and shipping of curtains for the client’s convenience. Call us right now to reserve your order and slot for window treatments!

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Frequently Asked Questions

These window covers are uniquely designed, featuring uniform folds from the header to the entire length. They need to be attached with the help of a slim and discreet wave track. For a simple yet contemporary window look, these drapes are the perfect choice.

These drapes with unique styles are sewn into the heading with the help of a special flat tape. This setting allows you to manipulate the covering’s length, creating uniform S-shaped folds and sunning ripples when fitted to a tracking pole.

The heavyweight and stiff fabrics can damage the folding appearance, hence, these drapes are widely made using soft sheers, cotton, silk, and voile fabrics. These lightweight coverings perfectly form the S-folds, featuring a soft look.

Because of the simple yet contemporary style, these window coverings are best suited for informal and formal spaces. You can purchase these drapes for oversized windows, entryways, and large patio/ outdoor doors in your residential and commercial spaces.

Of course! These drapes can be ideally integrated with smart motorized mechanisms to be controlled efficiently via remote control, voice commands, and smart apps. The professionals of Green Grass can be hired to do this job effectively.

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