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Replicate natural grass appearances to refresh your patios, gardens, lawns, and decks with our supreme quality and durable grass carpet in UAE.

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At Green Grass, our range of Synthetic grass carpets is of the best quality. We manufacture our fake turf carpet in our workshop. You might be thinking about how much we charge for the green grass floor carpet. Well, let me tell you that, you get a hassle-free lawn from us at very cheap rates.

We have more than 50 ranges of artificial turf to suit every budget. The length of the turf varies from 6mm to 45mm with various lovely shades. We have a huge variety of plastic turf carpets so that you will definitely find something that matches your taste.

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Artificial grass carpets are one of the creative innovations in the world of carpets. It is not only comfortable but looks the same as real grass. At first glance, you cannot judge that either it is real grass or a fake carpet. It provides the same comfort as an indoor carpet and the great advantage of this carpet is that it does not become soggy or moldy.

“The Carpet That Cares For Your Feet”

Our turf carpets are waterproof and it does not fade in harsh sunlight. We have made our artificial grass carpet for walls to withstand all the harsh environmental conditions. Our plastic carpets are a hassle-free and money-saving option for making your outdoor space look beautiful.

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Benefits of Green Grass Carpet in Abu Dhabi & Dubai

After getting to know about their advantages, many people are moving towards balcony artificial grass carpets Abu Dhabi. These carpets are very beneficial. They are not just installed in outdoor spaces but people are now installing them inside as well.

  • Our green carpet grass never fails to create a great first impression on your guests.
  • It creates a relaxing, enjoyable, and eco-friendly environment.
  • It creates a non-slip floor.
  • You can install it temporarily or permanently depending upon your needs.
  • Our plastic carpet grass is cost-effective and the best substitute for natural grass.
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As we have discussed earlier artificial grass is the best alternative to natural grass. It needs very low maintenance. With our green astroturf, you can now enjoy a lush green lawn all year round. This carpet is best to be installed in the playground, balconies, swimming pools, caravans, in your children’s room, etc. We also offer expert, provide grass carpet installation services in Dubai & Abu Dhabi at a very low price.

if you are allergic to pollen and insects, and still love greenery, you can install the artificial turf carpet and enjoy the feel of natural grass. Come visit our showroom, or check out our collection of carpets for sale online. We are sure that you would not resist our artificial turf carpets in UAE.

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Why Choose Us For Grass Carpet?

At Green Grass, we are the best artificial grass carpet supplier in the UAE. Our artificial turf is the best in quality and it does not fade for years even in harsh environmental conditions. If you are shopping online and you have any doubts regarding the quality or color of our fake turf carpet, we can send you a free sample to make you satisfied.

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Our carpet is famous all over the UAE. We offer free home delivery all across the UAE. Contact us today to book your order. You can also request a free quote and get free estimation services online all over the UAE.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, grass carpets can be used for outdoor landscaping, especially in areas where it is difficult to grow natural grass. It’s essential to choose a grass carpet that is specifically designed for outdoor use and can withstand harsh outdoor elements.

Grass carpets can be safe for pets and children to play on, as long as it is made from non-toxic materials and is properly installed. Regular cleaning and maintenance can also prevent the build-up of harmful bacteria and other potential hazards.

Yes, grass carpets can be installed over an existing surface such as concrete wood and other outdoor flooring materials. However, it is important to properly prepare the surface by cleaning and leveling it to ensure proper installation and longevity of the grass carpet.

Grass carpets can be environmentally friendly depending upon the material used in their production. Some grass carpets are made from recycled materials and can also reduce the need for water and chemicals required for maintaining natural grass.