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Green grass is Providing all quick upholstery treatments for your sofa in the
UAE, including repairing, re-upholstery, and fixing services.

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Revive Your Outdated Sofa with Top Sofa Upholstery Dubai

Are you worried because your sofa set looks out fashioned or worn out because of intense use? don’t worry because we are here to help you with an exclusive services of Sofa Repair in Dubai & Abu Dhabi to change the entire outlook of your outdated sofa sets. We have an enormous range of colors and layouts available for sofa upholstery. 

We are at green grass, facilitating our customer with premium quality upholstery & sofa repairing services that can transform the whole visual of a place and can give your interiors a more opulent look. Our sofa repairing prices are very reasonable and people that have low budget can also get our incredible upholstery services from anywhere in UAE.

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Elevate Your Sofa with a Range of Upholstery Fabric Options

We are providing you many types of natural as well as synthetic upholstery fabric for your sofa repair. We use many natural fabrics such as silk, cotton, cotton blend, velvet, wool, leather, vinyl, and linen in sofa re-upholstering. You can select from our range of fabrics as these all give outstanding looks when installed.

But if you want to choose any synthetic sofa upholstery, then we also have nylon, olefin, rayon, polyester, microfiber, acetate, and acrylic upholstery for your sofas. You can get our customized sofa re-upholstery for your divan and couches from our store. We also provide you frames, foams, and outdoor upholstery for sofas to make your ideal couches.

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We Offer Customized Upholstery Service For Sofa in Dubai

Choice of color is the most important factor when selecting the Upholstery.

A good color sofa can brighten up your interior, on the other hand, a messy sofa can destroy the charm of your place. The most trending colors these days in Sofa Upholstery Abu Dhabi are black, bronze, dark cherry, green, royal blue, ivory, and tan. You can choose any of them to make your sofas outstanding.

Our experts can also guide you in selecting the best color for your sofas according to the interior of your place. As we are providing a custom-made upholstery service for sofa so we can merge two or more colors to make a new one for your sofa re-upholstery. We also offer sofa repairing services under your budget.

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Sofa Upholstery Dubai
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Benefits of Getting Our Upholstery Services For Your Sofa

There are many benefits of installing our upholstery on your sofas because the high quality of our fabric comforts you in many ways. One of the biggest benefits of our upholstery is that sofa-upholstery will not absorb liquids and you can easily clean your sofas with a damp mop.

Our upholstery fabric is allergy-free, so it is best for people having different allergies. our upholstery resistant to many scratches and damages. Our leather sofa upholstery Abu Dhabi are widely used because of their soft fabric and durability. The upholstery cleaning become very easy because it doesn’t get dirty quickly as it doesn’t absorb smell and stains.

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Why Choose Us For Sofa Upholstery?

We are the best upholstery company for more than 20 years. The quality of our fabric is famous in the market. We not only provide ready made upholstery but also custom made upholstery on our customers demand. The color of our fabric doesn’t fade. We give a five years guarantee of the color of our sofa-upholstery.

We are also providing the upholstery cleaning services so you don’t need to worry about the cleaning process when your upholstery gets dirty. Our experts upholstery services can make your sofas more adorable. The delivery of sofa upholstery is completely free. You can contact us if you still have some confusion in selection or have any query.

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Do contact us and get our expert Sofa Upholstery Abu Dhabi & Dubai services, we provide free measurement, free quotation, and free doorstep delivery all over the UAE. Consider us for your next upholstery services.

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