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With a robust structure, our highly-resistant outdoor floor treatment enhances your outdoor aesthetics and withstands heavy weights without compromising integrity.

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Transform Your Outdoor Spaces With Our Stunning Deck Flooring 

Step out on your outdoor places in style with our Outdoor Flooring Dubai. It is an instant way of upgrading your plain outdoor space into a dining area, lounge, etc. We have a lovely range of outdoor wooden flooring, outdoor decking in UAE, etc.

We can make outdoor floor tiles in any arrangement, style, and pattern. Our outdoor tiles are weatherproof. They always shine and enhance your outdoor décor. Check out our latest collection of garden flooring to choose your favorite one.

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We Offer Wide Variety Of Outdoor Flooring Abu Dhabi

When you say flooring, something like tiles or pavers comes to mind. Well, who likes typical old things in 2024? Our outdoor tiles are very stylish and something more than just casual flooring. We offer a vast collection of flooring for outdoor area to choose from. Our decking floor is best known in UAE.

Our Outdoor Flooring Abu Dhabi includes hardwood flooring, Composite decking, Concrete flooring, laminate flooring, rubber flooring, artificial grass and a lot more. All these floor treatment are long-lasting and sturdy. Moreover, our outside flooring is not too difficult to install. We also provide all type of flooring installation service, if you want to get it installed by a highly professional team. We install your floor at discounted rates if you buy flooring from us.

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Benefits of Installing Our Outdoor Flooring Abu Dhabi

When you elevate your outdoor spaces, such as terraces, balconies, and patios, our outdoor deck flooring creates a nice and lovely environment. Not only that, but there are also many more benefits to installing flooring outdoors. Let’s take a look at them.

  • The outdoor floor does not let you get a slip. They provide a anti slip space to walk in. Outdoor tiles level up your floor so that no water will get polled on.
  • They increase the beauty of your outdoor space.
  • Installing quality outdoor flooring Dubai can increase the value of your property.
  • A nice outdoor floor tiles makes your home attractive and welcoming.
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Our team is working hard to make your life comfortable. We are selling the best quality flooring for outdoor areas, so that it does not get heavy on your pocket. If you get outdoor floor treatment from us, we will provide you an amazing discounted rates on installation service.

As we are # 1 outdoor flooring company in Abu Dhabi, we offer the lowest possible rates in UAE, whether you need some elegant outdoor tiles, or wooden flooring or decking floor, a lovely bridge for your lawn, or a slip floor for your swimming poolside, you will get it from us. We take custom orders on the garden flooring in all over UAE, to make it the way you want.

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Why Choose Us For Outdoor Flooring?

At Green Grass, we are selling you the best quality flooring for outdoor space in at very discounted rates. Our flooring is environmentally friendly and is made to withstand heavy foot traffic. We offer all type of flooring for outdoor space. If you have a single doubt about our outdoor flooring Abu Dhabi, We can send you some free samples.

Contact us to place your order for flooring from all over the UAE. You can throw us an email at or call us at +971564144014.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the type of flooring you want to lay down on the grass, remove the soil from that area to install a sheet of about 5-6 cm of thickness. After properly sanding, leveling, and installing underlayment, any type of flooring treatment can be laid over grass.

For outdoor floors, there are numerous popular choices to select from including tile, marble, stone, concrete, and hardwood. However, depending on the longer lifespan, the most durable flooring options are composite wood, porcelain, and ceramic tile.

When it comes to the affordable outdoor floor choice, there are a number of options to select from. Among the versatile options available, you can select concrete, tiles, and crushed gravel that are highly durable yet you can get them at reasonable prices.

Well, it depends on the flooring type or material you select and the area to cover in your home. From preparing floors to installations, it can take between 3-6 days to lay down and settle any kind of flooring treatment.