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Presenting you endless pattern & shade options for comfortable rubber flooring in Dubai, We guarantee our rubber flooring to be durable, water-resistant, & easy to clean.

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Rubber Flooring is the ultimate choice for people who want to have a luxurious floor with no maintenance involved. Rubber tile floors have no loose bits to pull on or lumps to get rid of, and rubber floors are very comfortable in almost any environment.

The rubber flooring Dubai are also inexpensive and are extremely durable as well. At Greengrass, we offer a wide range of this flooring in tiles and rolls, along with the versatile color collection and Unique designs perfect safe floors for gym, airports, school, hospital, etc. Visit our showroom to buy any quality flooring in Abu Dhabi, Dubai all over UAE.

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Get Versatile Rubber Flooring Dubai For All Areas

Rubber flooring Dubai is known for its durability and versatility, now becoming a priority flooring choice for commercial and residential area. gym flooring is most often used in gyms, kid’s playrooms, schools, and many more places. We have a latest Rubber Mats flooring Collection that accommodates heavy traffic and also comes in many versatile designs.

No matter, if you are buying flooring for your workplace, kid’s play-room, or any other wet areas, this flooring offers equal opportunities with a highly enduring nature. rubber flooring Abu Dhabi is truly very durable and good. These floors will raise your interior to a new level and make it look better.

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We Are No 1 Rubber Flooring Supplier in Dubai

We stand as the best rubber flooring Dubai supplier for offering high-end versatile choices, vibrant color shades, and overloaded durability. Making our customers satisfied with their flooring needs we also provide rubber tiles gym flooring that is comfortable to install on any kind of surface.

Our outdoor rubber made flooring is not only perfect for indoor spaces but equally satisfies users with outdoor flooring needs.

We also offer EPDM Rubber outdoor flooring that is perfect to use in commercial areas where there is heavy traffic is an everyday need like school, hospital, shopping malls, etc.

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Transform Your Any Space with Our Expert Rubber Flooring Installation

When it comes to the installation of flooring, we offer various choices that incorporate interlocking tiles, square-shaped tiles to complete rubber sheets or rolls treatment. We have a team of professionals who are experts and equipped with the latest techniques and creative sense to create different interesting patterns with multi-shaded rubber flooring in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Our flooring services are best for commercial, domestic and residential in your desired dimension and space. We also offer all type of rubber tiles, sheet & roll installation service, which is specially designed to be installed in any space and is available at cheap price at our store. If you are anywhere in UAE, you can get our professional flooring installation services at affordable rates.

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Why Choose Us For Rubber Flooring?

Green Grass offers a large collection of rubber flooring in Dubai & Abu Dhabi that accommodates every individual’s need. We design & manufacture this flooring with a high-tech specification to endure temperature changes anywhere it is placed, highly resistant to moisture and mildew, and very easy to keep clean & maintained.

Our rubber type flooring comes in a variety of the latest EPDM to suit customer’s needs. If you want something innovative and creative for your flooring, then you can also get our customization services and get your customized rubber floor tiles at your doorstep at reasonable rates!


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Frequently Asked Questions

For daily upkeep, you can lightly damp-mop the flooring using a dust mop. As for detailed cleaning, a mixture of warm water and a cleaner with a neutral pH can be used or you can also consider diluted vinegar. Irrespective of the method, always avoid water pooling on the flooring.

Start by unrolling the flooring and laying it loosely in the desired area. With the help of a straight edge and chalk, mark the flooring and cut it to size using a utility knife. Depending on the type of flooring, you can secure it with double-sided carpet tape or dedicated adhesives.

Our rubber flooring is highly versatile and can be used in a range of spaces, both indoors and outdoors. For residential use, you can install this flooring in home gyms, kids’ rooms, garages, bathrooms, etc. It’s also the best choice for commercial gyms and sports facilities.

Our rubber tile flooring can last for nearly 20 to 30 years with good maintenance. This flooring has a high resistance against surface and impact damages and can withstand all levels of use as well as foot traffic, hence it is the most cost-effective treatment for all kinds of floors.