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Our laminate floors are designed with a protective coat to add a proper resistance quality to their nature, they are wear and tear, scratches, and moisture resistant.

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Laminate flooring allows you to enhance your floor with the best tremendous advancements. Green Grass is a leading company that qualifies as the top choice for residential & commercial laminate flooring Abu Dhabi suppliers.

We offer the best alternative to solid wood flooring, with our uniquely manufactured Laminate floor solution, We offer Abu Dhabi homeowners an affordable way to achieve their desired real wood look. Consult our expert team to get your flooring today.

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Your flooring choice is the most defining feature of your home, and it also reflects your home decoration taste and your personality. We offer versatile & modern laminate flooring collection, consisting of naturally inviting looks & beautiful patterns, and crafted with supreme quality material.

Keeping in mind our laminate vinyl flooring standards and the individual need for durable and attractive flooring, our certified professionals design and manufacture laminate floor tiles using high-quality materials. We guarantee the long-lasting durability and reliability of your floors with our laminate floor treatment all year long.

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Elegant living room with sleek laminate flooring
Real Wood Flooring in Laminate
Professional laminate flooring installation in progress
Warm-toned laminate flooring in a family-friendly home
Newly Installed Laminate Flooring Tile
Luxury Laminate Flooring For Stair
Cozy bedroom with high-quality laminate floor tiles
Modern kitchen featuring durable laminate flooring

Benefits Of Getting Our Multi-layer Protect Laminate Flooring

Our multi-layer structure of laminate parquet flooring makes it a perfect choice to use on any kind of surface. Our flooring is manufactured with several layers that are designed to perform special functions inside to keep the outer look fresh and shiny. Our laminate flooring Abu Dhabi build-up layers include:

  • Backing Layer: The top layer protects the floor and subfloor and is extremely water-resistant.
  • Substrate layer: The secondary layer is made up of more durable material and specially designed to offer additional protection to natural elements or common wear and tear.
  • Pattern Layer: This layer is the perfectly finished layer, giving your flooring a signature look that you want for your flooring.
  • Wear Layer: The top layer responsible for keeping the shape and shine of your flooring. It is basically manufactured to withstand everyday use and ensure maximum environmental factors.
Laminate Floor Covering For Living Room
Classic Backing layer Laminate Flooring
Herringbone Laminate Flooring
Laminate Flooring Installed in Abu Dhabi

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For anyone who wants a perfect appealing floor with the low-maintenance then laminate flooring in Abu Dhabi & Dubai is the best choice. Along with that, this floor is equally easy to install. Offering cheap laminate floors, we also offer laminate floor installation services.

With the help of our certified professionals, we ensure a perfect floor installation at very low rates. This floor doesn’t need any underlayment or mud fills to install. Our flooring Installation incorporates product expertise, significant measurement, and perfect installation.

Laminate Flooring Installation Service
Pattern layer Flooring in Abu Dhabi
Water-proof Laminate Outdoor Flooring

Why Choose Us For Laminate Treatment?

At Green Grass, we deal with a wide range of interior and exterior floorings with unmatched patterns at competitive rates. We have been designing, manufacturing, and offering flooring installation services all over the UAE for over a decade. With the commitment and quality of our laminate flooring Abu Dhabi service, we qualify our status as the best contractors for residential and commercial projects.

Our customer services consultants are 24/7 ready to serve our clients with efficient services. Our well-trained professionals perfectly install your laminate floor covering without any hassle. We also offer free consultation and further quotations for free.


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Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on whether you select the glued or glueless installation method. For glueless, First, install the underlayment after collecting essential tools, measurements, and floor preparation. Then, start laying the planks consecutively in a row while connecting the tongues and grooves until you are finished. Additionally, it is better to hire a professional for flawless floor appearance.

To clean and maintain a mosque carpet, it is important to vacuum regularly to remove dust and debris, spot clean spills and stains on time, and do deep cleaning periodically with a professional cleaner. It is also recommended to rotate the carpet after some time to ensure even wear.

Establish a daily sweeping routine to collect hair, dirt, and debris using a soft bristle broom or brush. Also deep clean weekly using a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment. Never use abrasive and harsh cleaning solutions.

Depending on the wear and tear, maintenance, and plank quality and thickness, the expected lifespan for this flooring can significantly vary or extend as well. With proper maintenance, it can last between 15 and 25 years on average.

Absolutely! With a properly closed surface structure, there won’t be any accumulation of dirt and dust. So, it’s a hygienic and environment-friendly option for allergy sufferers and spaces with pets and kids (if maintained and cleaned properly).