Top 9 Most Popular Types Of Curtains Hooks in UAE

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Hooks are one of the most necessary hardware for nearly every curtain type and window treatment. They make it a lot easier and quicker to install and deal with all curtain panels. Available in multiple types and styles, they can even be used on their own only, eliminating the need for other components like rings and streamlining window covering.

It is beyond important to choose the right kind of curtain hooks so that you can enjoy trouble-free window treatments and get plenty of aesthetic possibilities. To assist you in this regard, Green Grass has come up with an expert guide consisting of the best styles of curtain hooks that you can consider for unique and useful window decors.

List Of The Best Curtain Hooks To Use In 2024 | Best Recommendations 

Have a look at these phenomenal curtain hook choices that are designed to cater to every requirement, whether decorative or functional.

  • Metal Pin Hooks

Metal Pin Hooks

These hooks are the most hard-wearing and durable, hence a timeless option to go for. Their extreme strength makes them a great choice for heavy curtain panels and they tend to be more durable and better at carrying heavy blackout curtains than most other options.

With metal hooks, you can enjoy smooth and fast curtain gliding. Moreover, they are available in multiple classy finishes like silver, black, or bronze for attractive window decors. They are excellent for moisture-prone areas due to high corrosion resistance.

  • Ceramic/Porcelain Hooks 

Ceramic Porcelain Hooks 

If you’re a fan of classic decorative items and want to give your curtains a statement look, nothing can be more wonderful than ceramic or porcelain hooks. These hooks with an outstanding ageless charm come in various beautiful designs, best for luxurious spaces.

Over and above, they are extremely sturdy and resistant against breakage or deformation, therefore a perfect choice for heavy drapes. Plus, they are rust-proof, noiseless, hypoallergenic, easy to clean, and a non-toxic choice for health benefits.

  • Wooden Dowel Hooks

Wooden Dowel Hooks

These hooks are worth considering if you’re into rustic decors and natural elements. Also, they make good minimal hardware if you want some other stuff in the room to stand out, instead of silk curtains. These hooks are DIY-friendly and cost-effective.

Wooden dowel hooks offer a decent level of durability and their smooth designs don’t harm curtain fabrics, therefore they can be used for sheer or delicate drapes. Eco-friendliness and warmth-induced appeal are some of their top beneficial aspects.

  • Geometric Shaped Hooks

Geometric Shaped Hooks

These hooks work wonders for attractive and funky window coverings and can be used in areas like kids’ rooms, nurseries, kitchens, bathrooms, and others requiring whimsical decors. You can choose between spheres, hexagons, triangles, and multiple other options.

The unique and playful structures of these hooks also have stacked or double-sided versions for space-saving. Plus, you can get better light diffusion with them and they are easy to glide as well. Several chic material and finish options are also available.

  • Resin/Acrylic Hooks

Resin Acrylic Hooks

Curtain hooks made from resin or acrylic are an exceptionally sturdy, heavy-duty, and long-lasting hardware choice, which are lightweight and easy to handle too. They are resistant to rusting and corrosion and fairly convenient to clean as well.

You can have acrylic or resin hooks in multiple unique colors, designs, and patterns. They are great at space saving and are hypoallergenic as well, thus a good recommendation for people with allergies. Also, it is easy to install these hooks and they are cost-effective too.

  • Leather Wrapped Hooks

Leather Wrapped Hooks

These hooks are a classic and luxurious option that will dynamically accentuate the look of your curtains. They mostly come in black, brown, or tan options with different attractive textures. Also, these hooks are a safe choice for luxurious or delicate drapes.

Over and above, they can be an excellent option if you don’t want typical stiff and noisy curtain hooks and their maintenance is really easy. You can expect long-lasting and hard-wearing functionality from these sophisticated and hypoallergenic hooks.

  • Adhesive Hooks 

Adhesive Hooks

These useful hooks are the best recommendation for rental properties and temporary curtain installations as they don’t damage the wall or window. In addition to curtains, they can also be used to hang various other objects, without the need for drilling.

You can buy these hooks in versatile styles and sizes according to your curtains and they will offer an impressive performance. Moving, adjusting, and cleaning these hooks is really easy and they are an equally great choice for both elaborate and minimal decors.

  • S-shaped Hooks 

S-shaped Hooks

These versatile hooks make it easy to hang curtains directly and you can also use them as classy-looking tie-backs for holding and highlighting curtains. They are very simple to use and help save space as well, a perfect substitute for bulky rings and clips.

This also makes these hooks a great option for curtains in limited spaces or small windows. These budget-friendly and multipurpose hooks are available in several materials such as wood, metal, and ceramic as well as in attractive colors and finishes.

  • Magnetic Hooks

Magnetic Hooks

These hooks are another great choice for rental homes and basically, everyone who wants a window treatment without the slightest wall damage. They work for most window frame types, even smaller ones, and their use, adjustment, and removal are super easy.

Magnetic hooks hold all kinds of curtains well and offer smooth movements. They are 100% pet and child-safe and free from the concerns of rusting as well. You can get these hooks in multiple minimalist styles, finishes, and sizes for long-lasting window decor.

A Few Tips For Choosing Curtain Hooks The Right Way

With these considerations, you can easily get your hands on the best hooks for your curtains and ensure spending your money in a favorable manner. Moreover, you’ll also find these ideas helpful for creating your desired window looks and room aesthetics.

  • Take the weight of your curtains into account and make the purchase(s) accordingly. In case of heavy, luxurious, or blackout curtains, prioritize hooks made from strong materials like metal, aluminum, wood, or those having reinforced clips for added support.
  • Your chosen hooks should be in harmony with your room decor, i.e. sleek, minimal choices for modern interiors and elaborate, intricate designs for traditional ones. You can also look for fabricated hook options that can sync with your curtain panels.
  • Determine what functionality you want the most from your curtain hardware, such as no noise, space-saving, ease of usage, or careful handling of delicate curtain fabrics, and then go for a suitable purchase per the surrounding area’s decor.
  • Avoid getting rust-prone curtain hooks for moisture-prone areas or those with higher levels of humidity. Moreover, invest in hooks that can resist UV damage, wear, and frequent curtain movements.
  • Always get extra hooks for the circumstances of breakage or the need for additional adjustments. Test your chosen hooks to check their smoothness and ease of usage. Never buy hooks that are difficult to install, especially for tall windows.

In The End 

We hope to have made it easy for you to find the best and most handy curtain hooks for your residential and/or commercial window treatments with this precise list. Every hardware component plays a crucial part in making a window treatment beneficial and long-lasting, leading to the importance of mindful choices. In other words, even if you consider hooks an insignificant element for curtain installations, they do have pivotal value. And, upon choosing the perfect set of hooks, you’re meant to experience the fact that they do make a huge difference. Stating all that, we wish you the most pleasant curtain hardware and fabric purchases and a fine value for your money!