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We present an unlimited variety window blinds to style your window frame with a flexible pricing chart, book us right now for every blind treatment in Abu Dhabi.

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Blinds are the best energy-efficient choice for you if you want to block light from entering your place. Nowadays people prefer blinds over curtains due to the amazing properties of blinds. Blinds not only protect your place from light but also give your place a modern and astonishing look.

Our window blinds can adjust with every interior and glorify the interior with their amazing look. We can install blinds wherever you want. At Green Grass, We are providing blinds for living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, offices, hotels, restaurants, and cafes.

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A survey of the International Energy Agency tells that most of our Blinds is used in heating and cooling systems of homes, offices, and other commercial places. The material used in the production of energy is fossil fuels that are wasting continuously. We make our blinds Abu Dhabi taking in account all the environmental hazards.

If you want to make your home eco-friendly, then install our Abu Dhabi blinds that are highly energy efficient. Our window Blinds keep the heat of the atmosphere outside your place so you don’t need to use air conditioners frequently and can help to save the Earth’s atmosphere.

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Blinds provide many benefits in a sense of privacy, light control, easy maintenance, and affordable rates. Blinds gives you full privacy in your place; they don’t allow unwanted rays of light to come in, in this way maintain your privacy. our modern blinds Abu Dhabi give you access to an amount of light.

You can open your blinds to avoid light rays as well as can completely close your blinds to let all the light come into your place. Our easy blinds in Abu Dhabi are easy to maintain, you don’t need to spend much on their maintenance.

Our best quality Abu Dhabi blinds are available wide variety of color, texture & quality at budget-friendly rates. We offer custom-made or made to measure window shade. If your want any type of design print for your blinds Call Us!

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Maintenance Tips For Our Luxury Window Blinds Abu Dhabi

Our blinds are easy to clean. You just need a dusting of blinds on a daily basis. You can clean Blinds with a damp mop dipped in hot water or in the vinegar solution. You can use a vacuum clear to remove the dust from your blinds. In case, if your blinds have too much dirt and cannot be cleaned by a damp mop, then you can also wash your blinds easily by following some cautions.

For this purpose, you have to remove your blinds from windows and put them in a washing tub. You can wash your blinds by using a quality dishwasher. After washing you must dry them and then hang them again onto your windows. We are also providing blinds cleaning services for our customers so you don’t need to worry about your blinds if you don’t have time to wash them.

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Green grass is no 1 blinds shop in Abu Dhabi. The quality of our blinds is famous in all the area of Abu Dhabi, Dubai and even in UAE. We offer a wide range of fabrics for blinds, you can choose your favorite stuff for your Blinds Dubai. We are also providing wooden blinds, PVC blinds, polyester blinds, and aluminum blinds. Our custom made blinds can perfectly fit into your place.

Our experts can guide you in selecting your blinds and advice the best Blinds for your place. The delivery services of our blinds Abu Dhabi are free of cost. We are also providing blinds fixing services for our wonderful blinds. Contact us now!

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