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Green grass present blackout curtains designed with a closely-packed structured fabric to block outside factors such as light, heat, and noise and add additional privacy

Get Perfect Privacy & Light Control With Blackout Curtains Dubai

Blackout curtains are perfect for creating a calm and relaxing environment in your interior decor while accommodating you with numerous high-end features. Our window black out curtains allow you to get rid of unwanted light, reduce noise, and offer much-needed privacy.

At Green Grass, we deal with a variety of styles and fabrics from old traditional curtains to modern blackout window treatments. We manufacture these blackout curtains Dubai with perfect sleek finishes and outstanding outlooks to suit any style of interior decor.

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We Offer A Wide Variety Of Versatile Blackout Curtains Dubai

Our window black out curtains come with an ability that allows you to control the intensity of light, offers perfect privacy, and also gives a well decorative look to your bedroom, Tv room, living room, etc. Our cheap Blackout Curtains Dubai, Abu Dhabi are the best decorative curtains that aren’t necessarily black and you can buy these outclass blackout window dressings in a high range of fabrics, vibrant shades, and prints that compliment your interior decoration.

Keeping your homes cool and comfortable during the hot summer days and warm in winters, these blackout drapes are perfect for reducing your electricity bills. So we provide you with the blackout curtains for bedroom, Blackout soundproof curtains, and many other varieties.


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Our Blackout Curtains Collection

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Buy Custom Made Luxury Blackout Curtains in UAE

Our custom made light blocking curtains are specially designed to accurate prerequisites so you can get an ideal complementing decor for your room. Utilizing our bespoke blackout curtains Dubai & Abu Dhabi helps you can browse a wide assortment of headings and linings, including various choices or a comfortable layer of interlining to give you stunning protected sun-blocking curtains in UAE.

We realize how significant window dressing is to a completed room so we additionally offer samples to check which type of Curtains Abu Dhabi suits your needs best. Every single piece of curtains is perfectly tailored with correct estimations and picking your favored styling. Our professional team has expertise in tailoring perfect custom-made blackout drapes & curtains with the latest trending designing standards.

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Feature Of Our High Quality Blackout Curtains UAE

Looking for the most functional yet practical window dressing? you have reached the right place. We offer the most ideal blackout curtains for windows in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, as we use high-quality fabrics to make our curtains ideal to fit any kind of interior decor. The main benefit of our Room-darkening curtains is that they block excessive sunlight during the day and irritating light beams at night.

Offering much-needed privacy, Our Light-blocking curtains enhance any look of your space. We offer the best quality blackout curtains Dubai online in UAE that are affordable and available in various styles and textures.

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At Green Grass, we have a professional team to manufactures, supplies & installation curtains in all over the UAE. Being experts in offering various functional window treatments we assure to supply outstanding blackout curtains Dubai that are versatile and flexible in offering many favorable features.

Our experts team stock delivers the right quality at the right time with no fear and tears policy as we are working on the interest you still look for. We will assist you with our efficient customer services of curtains fixing & installation at affordable prices!