How To Clean Curtains While Hanging

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Curtains are the finishing treatment for every interior theme, enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of any space. Cleaning curtains is one of the most essential household chores that is often neglected by homeowners for months. Over time, curtains of every type can pick dirt, grime, dust, spills, splashes, and pet hairs, resulting in creating an environment risky for allergy-sensitive individuals.

Although curtains can be machine and hand-washed, what if there’s an easier way of cleaning drapes without taking them down? Curtains are made from different types of natural or synthetic and heavy to lightweight materials, hence, require different cleaning approaches. For heavy-weight and sensitive drapes, you can go through the tips for cleaning curtains while hanging, as mentioned in this guide by Green Grass.

03 Easy Yet Effective Steps To Clean Curtains Without Taking Them Down

Before you begin, collect all the essential tools and materials listed down to assure accuracy.

Essential Tools And Supplies You’ll Need

  • A Vacuum Cleaner
  • A Lint Roller
  • Mild Fabric Cleaner
  • Homemade Cleaning Mixture
  • Soft Bristle Brush
  • Clean Microfiber Cloth
  • A Sturdy Ladder
  • A Steam Cleaner

1. Dust Off the Surface

Dust Off the SurfaceAfter you collect all the needed supplies & equipment, move toward dusting off your drapes. Giving your Blackout curtains a good shake or beating down before vacuuming makes it a lot easier to perform the dusting process ahead. Remove any settled dirt through a good shake and use any soft/ microfiber cloth to eliminate the dirt and debris.

Using a vacuum cleaner is the most timeless and easiest way to dust off dirt from your drapes. Take a step ladder and hold a vacuum cleaner against the curtain fabric while keeping the heat setting low. Keep it at a distance of at least 6-8 inches to not lose the fabric’s effectiveness, and quality, or avoid damage. A vacuum cleaner can be used once or twice a week to clean curtains.

2. Tackle Stubborn Lint and Spot Clean Stains

Tackle Stubborn Lint and Spot Clean StainsSome curtains attract dust and dirt in their fabric fibers making the drapes lose their fresh appearance. One of the best ways to take off that lint from curtains is to use the mild cleaner or roller. Using this effective lint roller, any pet hairs, threads, or debris will easily come off from curtain fabric.

Additionally, for the removal of stubborn stains and splashes, you can use homemade cleaners. Take a clean microfiber cloth, and pour the solution of water and vinegar (white) over the affected area. Rub the surface gently with a cloth while working in a circular motion. Keep rubbing the surface until the stain gets removed completely.

3. Steam Clean Your Curtains

Steam Clean Your CurtainsAnother best way to clean drapes while saving your time and effort is to go for steam cleaning. Steam cleaning of drapes helps preserve the fabric feel for years and it can be easily performed while your curtains are still hung on the rod. Take a handheld plus convenient to use a steam cleaner for proceeding with this DIY.

Make sure you know how to use it and attach the fabric or upholstery attachment to it. Take a step ladder and starting from top to bottom, make your way down the fabric for the elimination of all kinds of dust particles. After steam cleaning, let the curtains air dry.

Additional Tips For Cleaning Curtains While Hanging

Additional Tips For Cleaning Curtains While HangingFor cleaning sheer curtains and to keep them for long, you have to perform regular maintenance. The cleanliness of curtains always requires proper guidance and the availability of tools. The cleaning must be performed in accordance with the curtain type and style.

  • To avoid wrinkling, be careful to not overheat sheer curtains.
  • Make sure to remove rings from curtains before using vacuum cleaners.
  • Identify the stain type before performing spot cleaning and use the solution accordingly.
  • Prior to cleaning, it’s always best to consult the manufacturer or read instructions.
  • Never use commercial cleaners containing harmful ingredients on curtains.
  • Make sure to test out the cleaners on any inconspicuous area to avoid damage.
  • When you are not aware of the use of a vacuum or steamer, always consult professionals.
  • Treat lightweight curtains with extreme care to avoid any trouble-creating situations.

To Conclude!

Cleaning curtains without taking them down is the most convenient and effective way to maintain the appearance and functionality of your commercial as well as residential curtains. This effective approach will help you save time and effort while preserving & keeping the fabric from damage. When cleaning curtains while they are hanging on the rod, first, you’ll need to gather the essential tools and supplies.

For working steps, it is essential to perform routine dusting to not let the dirt settle in your curtains. For dusting purposes, using an upholstery attachment or a vacuum cleaner is the easiest method. Additionally, you can tackle stubborn stains through spot cleaning. After spot cleaning, let the curtain air dry and perform regular maintenance to keep curtains in a good shape for a long time.