Elevate Your Floor Elegance with Turkish Carpet

Elevate your home elegance with the artistry of our premium Turkish carpet & rugs where culture, color, and craftsmanship blend in a tapestry of beauty.

Buy Soft & Luxury Turkish Carpet Dubai to Improve Floor Comfort

If you are exploring Turkish carpets in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, then Green Grass provides premium quality turkey carpets in a broad range of textures, colors, and designs for your home floor transformations. These carpets improve the floor’s comfort with their softness and luxurious texture.

We take pleasure in having skilled artisans that weave durable and high-quality Turkish floor carpets by utilizing both modern and traditional techniques. Their durable and luxurious texture not only make them an aesthetical asset but also a foremost choice for functional home improvements.

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Get Premium Quality Made Turkish Carpet Dubai At Low Price

We provide top-quality Turkish carpets crafted with durable and natural materials. These carpets are renowned for their handwoven construction from multiple natural fibers such as wool, cotton, silk, and nylon, and are topped up with natural dyes. Due to their sublime crafting with sustainable materials, our carpets last for a longer time.

If you are looking for affordable carpets in Turkish style in Dubai, you will be amazed that Green Grass provides cheap Turkish floor carpet in modern, traditional, and antique designs. With a legacy of prestigious craftsmanship, our artisans employ time-honored techniques, resulting in carpets that are not just floor coverings but enduring works of art.

Tukrish Carpet

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Our Beautiful Turkish Carpets Collection

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Tukrish Carpet 5
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Astonishing Features & Benefits Of Our Turkish Carpeting For UAE

We are the best Turkish carpet seller in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & UAE, providing premium and durable carpet flooring at a cheap price. These premium multifunctional Modern Turkish Carpet can be used for a wide range of interior decors.

These Turkish made carpet Dubai turn out to be the most valuable investment since they keep on adding luxury-induced comfort to your places. In addition to that, our thick Turkish sisal rugs & carpets is the perfect way to make your interiors notably more comfortable and warm than before

You can radically improve the visual interest and functional worth of your places by adding our finest and most long-lasting carpets. Some other mesmerizing benefits of our premium Turkish made carpet are as follows:

Tukrish Carpet
Cheap Quality Tukrish Carpet
Tukrish Carpet Dubai
  • These carpets have excellent resilience against wear and tear and damage.
  • Our carpets are stain and odor-resistant due to unique fabrication techniques.
  • These Tradition Turkish Carpet give extreme comfort underfoot
  • our turkey carpet manifests timeless elegance and give a touch of cultural heritage
  • They are really convenient to care for.
  • They add plenty of insulation and help reduce energy expenses

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Areas of Applications of Our Different Turkish Carpet In UAE

Our Turkish made carpets offer effective versatility for users. We offer different types of Turkish style carpets such as flat weave carpets, Ushak carpets, prayer rugs, and antique Turkish carpets for multiple purposes. These carpets are widely available in geometric and floral patterns with low maintenance requirements. These carpets can be used in the following areas:

  • Living Rooms
  • Dining Rooms
  • Hallways and Outdoors
  • Home Offices
  • Restaurants, Hotels and Resorts
Tukrish Carpet
Versatile Tukrish Carpet
Tukrish Carpet

Why Choose Us?

Choosing Green Grass ensures that you make the most out of authentic Turkish carpet In Dubai & Abu Dhabi craftsmanship. Our dedication to excellence is woven into every fiber of the carpets we offer. We take pride in sourcing the finest materials including premium wool and silk, to create carpets of unparalleled quality and beauty.

When you choose our services, you choose a piece of Turkish heritage, a symbol of luxury, and a touch of elegance that will beautify your living spaces for years to come.


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