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We provide an unlimited variety of polyvinyl chloride doors that offer maximum resistance and a luxurious appearance for your space in UAE.

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If you are searching for poly vinyl chloride doors, then Green Grass is the trusted brand for Providing the best quality PVC folding doors, that are perfect to withstand harsh climate conditions & solid breezes. Our high moistness, high altitudes folding doors give your home the most elegant appearance.

It works smartly to give your room a smooth & stylish look. These are an excellent type of door because they are completely sealed with a special PVC coating, and the edges are sharp so you can be sure that no one will break through the plastic to get to your stuff. Buy our durable PVC made door at a market competitive price.

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Different Types Of Our Folding Doors in UAE

PVC is the most versatile material that can be molded into many unique shapes and patterns. If you are deciding to install PVC Folding Doors Dubai and Abu Dhabi, you should be aware of different types of folding doors, their use & functionality. Different types of these doors fit into the different folding category. Our collection includes

PVC Sliding Door:

The versatile sliding doors, having no handle or other hardware that make them folds. It smoothly slides over the panel where it is installed.

Double Pane Door:

This type of door has two layers of glass making them more energy efficient.

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We also offer PVC & plastic folding doors for bathrooms that are perfect to provide privacy and easy maintenance solutions.

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Versatility & Features Of Our PVC Folding Doors Dubai, UAE

While PVC is exceptionally simple to keep up, the plastic can unavoidably make the PVC foldable door resemble a budget-friendly alternative. If you are the one who wants to customize home decor with the best compact assortments then incorporate our versatile PVC sliding folding doors in different colors, designs, textures, and sizes. These doors are perfect for smaller spaces, have a look at important aspects of these doors.

  • Easy to install & maintain.
  • Fit in all areas and spaces.
  • Enhance the interior looks.
  • Available in different colors & designs.
  • Space-saving.
  • Eco Friendly.
  • Durable.
  • Waterproof.
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Get Our Efficient Folding Doors Installation in UAE

Being a top notch brand for manufacturing and supplying folding doors in UAE, with high-tech specifications. We also specialize in offering PVC folding doors installation services. We use the right tools and follow professional techniques while installing accordion doors in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. We use professional techniques to manufacture these doors.

Moreover, our unique designs & incredibly professional PVC foldable door installation give you a beautiful space with highly specified & easy to maintain decor. With our these high-quality foldable Doors collection, you can have a year with perfectly maintained home decor.

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Why Choose Us For Folding Doors UAE?

Green Grass, a well-known brand offering easy maintenance and reliable interior decor solutions in UAE. Our polyvinyl chloride doors are a compact, durable and easy solution to make your furnishing perfect and easy to maintain.

We manufacture PVC Folding Doors with high-quality products constructed with the best material with keen observation. We also put the best design of our folding doors for Sale to assist our customers with the best tending decoration assortment.

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