What Is The Easiest Way To Reupholster The Chair

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Reupholstering is a great way to bring old chairs back to life. The reupholster the chair project gives your outdoor furniture a fresh look. Your cute bedroom chair will look as pretty as the day you bought it. If you have worn out your chair seats, you can easily recover them.

 Follow our step-by-step guide, how to reupholster a chair below.

Ways to Reupholster The Chair

Step 1. Iron the Fabric

Iron the new fabric to remove the wrinkles.

Step2. Using a Screwdriver

Turn your chair upside down and remove the seat cushion by unscrewing it. This is the second step of chair upholstery Services. If your chair has cardboard in instead of screws, simply pry out the staples using a screwdriver.

Step3. Remove the Staples

Use a staple remover to remove the staples holding the fabric in place on the cushion.

Step4. Used staple pins

Turn your seat right side up and arrange the fabric as you like it across the cushion. Make the corner using four staple pins.

Step5. Trace the Edges

Turn the fabric over and put your new fabric on top of the old fabric. Line up the corner of the old cover with your corner pins and then trace the fabric around the edge using a pencil.

Step6. Cut the Corner

Using your pencil mark cut out the new corner. To prevent fraying sew the edges of the fabric.

Step7. Final Step

Place the cushion back on the chair and screw it back into the base.

Let’s have a look at another Easiest Way To Reupholster The Chair

Step1. Remove the seat from the chair

Use your drill to remove the screws that connect the seat to the chair. Remove the seat from the chair and gives it a coat of red spray paint.

Step2. Cut Fabric

Lay the fabric on your seat and cut it out around the leaving sides.

Step3. Straight the Fabric

Put the corner and get the fabric straight up. Push the fabric down around the edges and staple it down.

Step3. Use Staple Gun

Pull one edge of the fabric around the top and staple it with a staple gun. Every few inches staple around one side. Once you have finished one side, go to the opposite side and pull the fabric tight. Stapel that side.

Step4. Staple it

You will repeat it on the other two sides.

Step5. Cut

Cut off any extra fabric.

Step6. Final Step

Now push the cushion back on the chair and enjoy their new look.


These are some simple instructions on how to reupholster the chair seat. If you need to reupholster your chair instead of donating or trashing it, we tell you good ways to reupholster it. You can do it within a day and give a fresh look to your room. It is also perfect for your little office space.