Top 07 Moisture Resistant & Waterproof Blinds For Shower

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Blinds in a shower room define privacy and calmness in the interior. These blinds are made from materials like PVC, Polyester, Nylon, Aluminum, and Vinyl to offer multiple benefits. While choosing the blinds for the shower window, select the option that ensures moisture resistance, privacy, and insulation and resists mold and mildew.

The shower room is a place that faces high moisture content and needs more privacy. Adding a suitable shower window cover will ensure durability, provide a serene atmosphere, and enhance your space’s functionality. You can find several moisture-resistant and waterproof blinds for shower windows in the market, but selecting the one that meets your needs seems troubling. In this blog, we will learn which blinds are suitable for a window cover.

7 Waterproof Blinds For The Shower

Below are some suitable shower blinds briefly explained that you can choose for your window cover.

1. Vinyl Roller Blinds

Vinayl Roller BlindsThe Vinyl Roller blinds for showers are low-budget, long-lasting, and easy-to-maintain options. The enhanced functionalities of these blinds are due to the material used to craft them, like PVC or polyester.

Their moisture resistance properties, warm shades, calm, and earthy tones, and patterns like geometric, floral, and striped make them famous for shower window covers.

2. Venetian Blinds

Venetian BlindsOther shower window blinds are Venetian blinds made from PVC, Wood, Aluminum, or Vinyl. Venetian blinds are popular due to their ability to filter light. They are easy to clean, regulate the temperature, and resist moisture and humidity, which can be an excellent addition to the shower window cover.

3. Faux Wood Blinds

Faux Wood BlindsComposite materials like wood, PVC, and Vinyl make faux wood blinds. The wood core of these blinds is coated with a polymer, which makes them long-lasting, resists bacteria, and gives a natural look to wood, increasing the aesthetic of a space. Their waterproof and moisture-resistant properties make them a popular choice for high-humidity areas.

4. Aluminum Mini Blinds

Aluminum Mini BlindsThe Aluminum shower blinds are also known as horizontal blinds, made from narrow slats and available in various finishes in the market. These window blinds are long-lasting and effective against moisture and humidity.

The different colors range from bright and neutral to custom shades, and styles of these blinds, like perforated, motorized, and patterned, help them to complement the interior of your shower room. They resist water and dust, so they aren’t corrosive. These properties of aluminum mini blinds make them long-lasting.

5. Cellular Blinds

Cellular BlindsSome other blinds that can be a good choice for shower windows are cellular blinds, which are made from honeycomb cells. These blinds provide the required privacy, insulation, and come with double or triple opacity, making them water resistant. They are also easy to clean and last longer. Besides these functionalities, they give your window covering a sleek and classic look.

6. PVC Vertical Blinds

PVC Vertical Waterproof Blinds For ShowerAs the name shows, the PVC vertical blinds are made from Polyvinyl Chloride, which makes them resistant to heat and moisture. They don’t need high maintenance; their high strength makes them ideal for high-moisture areas.

7. Waterproof Roman Shade

Roman ShadeThe last but most efficient blinds for your shower window are waterproof roman shades. They are highly functional, and are considered energy efficient because they can control light and regulate temperature. They are made of synthetic fibers like solution-dyed acrylic and polyester which is why need low-maintenance.

Benefits Of Waterproof Blinds

Below are some aspects that make waterproof blinds necessary in almost all places.

  1. The shower rooms are the places where there are the maximum chances of mold growing, so these blinds reduce the chances of mold growth by resisting moisture.
  1. The material used for these blinds makes them highly efficient and waterproof, ultimately protecting your soggy window from humidity.
  1. The most prominent benefit of these blinds is that they provide privacy, an essential need in every shower room.
  2. It is a fact that sometimes, you face difficulty cleaning the blinds that are non-waterproof. These water-resistant blinds need low maintenance. You can easily remove dust particles with a wet cloth from these blinds.
  1. Because the waterproof blinds are made from a sturdy material, they are durable and last for a longer lifespan with low-maintenance requirements.
  1. You can also add a personalized and customized touch to your window covers by choosing your desired color, material, and design.
  1. Besides all these functionalities, if you want to add style to your shower windows, these waterproof blinds have various patterns, colors, and designs, making them a feasible option.

The Bottom Line

When choosing a shower window cover, it is recommended to choose a waterproof and moisture-resistant option. The moisture-resistant and waterproof blinds not only enhance the functionality of your space but also give aesthetic appeal due to their various pattern, colors, and designs. Some standard waterproof blinds are Vinyl, Venetian, faux, aluminum, cellular, and PVC blinds. These blinds are easily maintainable and offer longer lifespan.