How to Measure for Curtains | In 5 Simple Steps 

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Window curtains are always a point of attention for visitors and viewers. But hanging the curtains in a better way is somewhat technical and smart work. A perfectly hung curtain with accurate measurements gives a pleasing look. Multiple curtain types are available in the market; all have different hanging mechanisms and profiles. However, for an aesthetic and elegant look, you must ensure accuracy in the measurement of curtains. For this purpose, up ahead, we’ve provided a step by step guide on how to measure for curtains precisely in all dimensions.

Comprehensive Guide for Perfect Curtain Measurements

If you are looking for a complete procedure for measuring the curtains then you are at the right place. Here we have elaborated some basics of curtain measurements such as curtain panel style and type, curtain rod length, curtain header, curtain width, and drop measurements. With the help of the following materials, you can quickly measure the different dimensions of curtains.

  • A metal measuring tape for precise measurement
  • A pencil or pen for marking or lining
  • A notepad or blank paper to note measurements
  • A stool or ladder in case of highly mounted curtain treatments
Standard Curtain Lengths (Inch)
63″ 84″ 96″ 108″ 120″

Step 1: Decide Curtain Style or Type

Decide Curtain Style or Type

Choosing a curtain depends upon several aesthetic and functional factors to ensure compatibility. In the case of curtain lengths, we have classified the curtains into four different classes which are windowsill, apron, floor-length, and puddle curtains. The dimensional measurement of curtains depends upon the selection of their style.

  • Windowsill Curtains are those curtains that end at the bottom end of the window.
  • Apron Curtains are those that end at nearly four inches below the window.
  • Floor-length are those curtains that touch the floor.
  • Puddle curtains are those which are longer than floor-length curtains and gather like a puddle on the floor.

Step 2: Curtain Pole/Rod Measurement

Curtain Pole Rod Measurement

After choosing an appropriate style or type of Curtain in Abu Dhabi according to your desired space, you should decide where you want to fix the curtain pole, i.e. outside the window frame or inside the window frame. The curtain rod or pole length measurement involves the following steps.

  • Measure the width of the window frame from one edge to another either inside or outside.
  • Measure the length of the window frame from the top to the point where you want to fit the curtain pole or rod either inside or outside.
  • Cross-check the length and width of the window frame for precision.
  • Now choose the suitable curtain rod that aligns with the measured position of the window frame

Step 3: Curtain Header

Curtain Header

Most common types of curtains available in the market are grommet curtains, rod-pocket, tab-top curtains, and pleated & blackout curtains.

  • In the case of rod-pocket curtains, you will measure the length of a header from the curtain rod/pole to the top end of the curtain.
  • While measuring the length of the grommet curtain header, you will measure the length of the grommet from the rod to the top edge of the curtain panel.
  • Similarly, in case of tab-top curtains, you can measure the length of pleats from the top end of the curtain to the point where you want to join tabs at the curtain rod.
  • In the same manner, you can measure the length of the header in pleated curtains.

Step 4: Curtain Width Measurement

Curtain Width Measurement

The fourth step in curtain dimensions measurement is width measurement. To measure the width of the curtain, you can use curtain pole length as a reference. Therefore, you can measure the length of a fixed curtain rod or pole with the help of measuring tape. However, curtain width measurement also depends upon some other factors such as the pleat style of curtains. All curtain types like grommet curtains, rod-pocket, tab-top, pleated curtains, and grommet curtains have some variations in their measuring width due to pleats and overlapping header design.

Step 5: Curtain Drop Measurement (Length)

Curtain Drop Measurement (Length)

Measuring the curtain drop or length is the final step of a precise curtain measurement. Using a measuring tape, determine the distance from the curtain pole’s edge to the bottom of the curtain, where you want it to end: either touching the floor, a few inches above the floor, touching the windowsill, or a few inches below the windowsill. The few standard lengths of the curtains are 63 inch, 84 inch, 96 inch, 108 inch, and 120 inch.


In conclusion, measuring the dimensions of curtains is a pivotal step in achieving a polished and elegant look for your windows. This step-by-step easy guide provides you with the basic understanding and techniques needed to measure precisely, whether you’re aiming for a snug inside mount or an elegant outside mount. Ensure to consider factors such as functionality, style, and the type of curtain header you prefer when taking your measurements. Accurate measurements of the mounting place are the foundation for selecting the right curtains so that they not only fit your windows but also give your room a glamorous look. With the information gathered from this step-by-step guide, you can confidently embark on your curtain shopping journey, ensuring that the final result is both aesthetically pleasing and functional, enhancing the overall ambiance of your living space. So, measure precisely, choose wisely, and let your curtains transform your windows into beautiful focal points within your home.