How to Layer Sheer and Blackout Curtains

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Window curtains are the most essential interior element for any space. They enhance the texture and ambiance of your area and increase functionality. You will learn different curtain layering combinations when looking for trendy window styling. Some are linen with sheer drapes, roller shades with drapes, and sheer curtains over blackout curtains.The most common layering options that most people recommend are sheer and blackout curtains.

Hanging the sheer curtains over blackout curtains will enhance your space’s visual and aesthetic appeal. An essential factor while thinking about this combination is to select the right color and pattern so that both window hangings complement each other. This guide by Green Grass will ensure you understand how to combine sheer and blackout curtains.

Why Is It Essential To Layer Curtains?

Essential To Layer CurtainsBefore directly installing this type of window hanging, it is necessary to understand its importance.

  • Layering blackout and sheer curtains enhances your space’s interior theme and is much more functional.
  • If you prioritize privacy and proper light control, you should choose this layering for your space. The combination of both these curtains regulates the temperature of your indoor space and insulates sound.
  • You can also enjoy the outside view by opening blackout curtains while the sheer curtains remain closed. Due to these aspects, this layering is becoming increasingly popular.

Methods to Layer Sheer And Blackout Curtains

As you have understood the importance of combining this type of window hangings, let’s learn how to connect them.

Do Preparation For Installation

Do Preparation For InstallationThe first thing you will need to do before their installation is prepare. When it comes to hanging curtains, you should have a suitable and sturdy curtain rod or pole, a perfect heading style, appropriate fabric color and pattern, and the proper materials to install them.

Before installing, ensure the area is cleaned and dust-free, and remove all the extra furnishing items for ease. These preparations will help an even and quick curtain installation.

Take Exact Measurements

The most important thing is to take the proper measurements of your window frame. With the help of a measuring tape, take the exact size of the frame. Measure its width and leave at least 3 inches on each side to fit both curtains properly. Determining the length of your window matters a lot. It is recommended to hang the rod of your window above 10 inches from your window frame. It will ensure a good fall of your window curtains and cover most of your window.

Select The Order For Layering

Select The Order For LayeringFor your window treatment, this curtain styling offers two orders to layer them. You can hang sheer curtains over blackout curtains or place sheer behind the blackout curtains. Depending on your preference you can select any order.

When you hang the sheer curtains behind the blackout, they will only be prominent when the upper layer of blackout curtains is opened. While hanging sheer on the front and blackout behind means you can easily control the light, the sheer curtains would be the centerpiece for your window.

Choose The Right Curtains

When you are combining both these layers, you should focus on the correct type of pattern and color for them. Both the layers must complement each other. If you prioritize installing the blackout curtains behind, then focus on the pattern and color of the sheer layer because it would be visible to the viewers.

When the sheer curtains are at the back, focus on the color and patterns of blackout curtains. Choose a darker shade for the blackout layer because these colors are an efficient way to provide sound and light insulation.

Select The Suitable Heading Style

Select The Suitable Heading StyleChoosing the correct heading style is also a matter of concern when combining sheer and blackout curtains. When sheer fabric is at the front, choose the heading that complements both layers and gives a uniform look. You can select the pencil pleat heading style when blackout curtains are placed at the front, ensuring more light control.

Start The Installation

After choosing the suitable curtains, headings, and layering, the next step is to hang both curtains. You must install the rod to hang blackout window curtains at the bottom. For this purpose, you must measure and mark your wall and then install the rod. After placing the rod, measure the length of your window curtains and hang them on it. Now, you can adjust the curtain panels. Do the same step to hang the sheer window curtains.

Length OF Both Layers

While installing these window curtains, it is essential to understand that the length of these fabrics matters a lot. A suitable size for window hangings will give a smooth and luxurious look. Additionally, a curtain of full length will appear your space look bigger. Keep an extended length for blackout curtains to ensure that the layer behind is completely covered. Keep the length of sheer curtains some inches below the blackout hanging if placed at the front.

Use Trims And Accessories

Use Trims And AccessoriesThe last step is to add the finishes to make them more functional and decorative. The curtain rings, clips, holdbacks, or tiebacks are accessories these window hangings need. The finishes, like tiebacks, give a decorative touch and keep them in place.

The Bottom Line!

Window styling by combining sheer and blackout curtains is not just trendy but also is highly functional. You can easily give your space a decorative and functional touch by adding a suitable type of fabrics. Layering both of them will ensure privacy, light control, and insulation. To hang both these layerings, it is essential to consider preparation, measurement, layering options, trims, and accessories to enhance the visual appeal of your space.