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Green Grass crafts high-quality, modern round rugs for your indoor & outdoor places. Our stylish shape rugs are the ultimate flooring solutions to upgrade your lifestyle.

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Are you exploring round floor rugs or carpets to cover the central floor position of your room? We have a broad collection of versatile circular rugs to enhance the styling of your outdoor and indoor home places.

Our timeless round rugs Abu Dhabi & Dubai attract the attention of visitors due to their eye-catching colors, designs, and patterns. By placing these rugs on your floor, you can create a focal point in large areas.

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We Offer A Wide Variety Of Round Shape Rugs For Different Areas

Our circular rugs and carpets are a perfect solution to craft a style with furniture items. You can also use our highly customized rugs flooring solutions for placing at entry points, hallways, and bathrooms. Style your seating, dining ,dressing or any areas with our patterned or vibrant colored round outdoor rugs.

We designed these rugs to seamlessly blend style and comfort of your place, hence adding a touch of contemporary elegance. Crafted with heavy-duty synthetic & natural materials, our round carpet & rug promise to enhance your home’s patios and decks aesthetic appeal while providing a cozy foundation for your feet. To make your interior more inviting and stable, we provide round shape rugs to place under desks and lounge areas.

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Circular rug with intricate geometric pattern
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Circular rug with elegant border detailing
Round carpet with geometric patterns in earthy tones
Round Carpet Rugs featuring modern Design
Circular rug with intricate mandala design

Features Of Our Long-lasting Circular Rugs Dubai

Our professionally designed & multi-functional round area rugs provide you with remarkable benefits. Unlike other rugs & carpets, our round rugs Abu Dubai & Dubai can be installed in confined or curved spaces, geometric or square rooms, and corners, or alcoves. Moreover, our heavy-duty rugs can also be used in layering with other square or rectangular carpets.

  • Excellent flooring option for confined areas.
  • Beautify your interiors with unique colors and designs.
  • Provides maximum insulation in winter and summer.
  • You can get complete undeniable foot comfort.
  • Designed with eco-friendly & renewable materials.
  • Moisture and dust resistance soft-flooring option.
  • Washable rugs require low maintenance and cleaning.
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For our customer’s entire satisfaction, we offer a broad range of personalization options. We design our incredible round sisal rugs in every material, design, texture, size, and color. You can opt with these circular carpets in nylon, acrylic, wool, velvet, cotton, polyester, and polypropylene. Aside from materials, we provide our stylish carpets in multiple neutral and solid colors. You can ask about any size per your room dimensions for accurate adjustments of your custom sisal rugs.

For unique and stylish texture, we use multiple pile options such as cut pile, loop pile, level loop, and cut loop. To make your floor’s central area more comfortable, we also craft our round rugs Abu Dhabi & Dubai with premium quality backing material. We also offer personalized print traditional or modern design on our rugs following your requirements.

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Why Choose Us For Round Rugs In Dubai?

Being a leading UAE-based carpet supplier, we always provide excellent and modern flooring solutions to our customers. We offer complete customization options to complement your style, theme, and budget. With our professional craftsmanship, we utilize our hand-woven techniques to manufacture these superior-quality rugs.

Our long-lasting and stylish round rugs Abu Dhabi are easily accessible at affordable rates even via online means. Moreover, we provide free sampling and delivery at your doorstep in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Our expert team can guide you in the complete process from choosing the best rug options to delivery.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the ways to beautify a living room using round rugs include placing the rugs in the room’s center, using them for furniture anchoring, putting them next to a focal point (sofa, fireplace, etc.), layering them with a carpeting and placing them at the room’s entrance.

A round rug with a 4 ft diameter has 48 inches width and 48 inches length. This is one of the standard sizes available of round rugs and is versatile for all areas. These rugs can be used to soften the look of an area, for creating a focal point and for making interiors appear bigger.

Of course! Placing a round rug under the bedding is a smart and versatile decorative approach to improve both the beauty and comfort of the bedroom. This provides you with a cozy, warm surface to step on, improves room insulation and visual softness and also highlights your bed.

A round rug offers multiple benefits and is one of the most useful soft flooring choices. It gives a soft, comforting, well-balanced and attractive look to the room, provides insulation and underfoot comfort, ensures energy-efficiency and helps with area defining and/or dividing.