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We stock the trendiest and most versatile options of Curtain Rails, available at budget-friendly rates for all kinds of residential and commercial curtains.

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Style Your Curtains With Our Convenient Curtain Rails Dubai

Our premium-quality curtain rails have the finest-looking profiles, are easy to use, and offer smooth and time-saving curtain movements. They are highly durable and can be used for all kinds of curtains, even heavyweight ones. Moreover, our curtain rail tracks are extremely versatile and work equally wonders for all shapes and sizes of windows.

Despite the sturdy structure, our curtain track rails are lightweight and convenient to handle. You can have them in detailed, decorative, and minimal, classy designs according to your requirements.

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Buy Top Curtain Rails in Diverse Designs with Custom Options

We stock rails for curtain tracks in a range of materials to provide well for every window requirement and taste. These include high-quality Metals (aluminum, wrought iron, stainless steel, brass), Plastics (PVC, tin, nylon), and Woods (natural, composite) for different spaces and settings. Other than that, you can also have them in multiple useful versions such as low profile designs (for attaching to walls or ceilings)motorized options (for easy movement and aesthetic appeal), concealable carriers (for not using large curtain rings), and much more.

Over and above, you can also get custom-designed modern or traditional style rails from us for unique needs and decoration objectives. Additionally, we offer multiple shapes, sizes, colors, finishes, stain options, and personalization depending on your window curtains.

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Prominent Benefits Of Using Our Rails For Curtains 

Our Curtain Rails Dubai give a clean, sleek, and attractive look to curtains and these rails operate smoothly and silently. You can enjoy effective light blocking, noise reduction, temperature balancing, and insulation with the addition of our rails. They are easy to maintain and can last for years straight, hence completely cost-effective. Another great advantage of our curtain track rails is that they make it easy to cover larger windows that require a lot of curtain fabric.

In addition to motorized options with blackout shades, you can also get multiple manual choices like wand-operated, cord, or hand-drawn rails. We offer specialized easy-to-curve and bend rails for bay and non-standard-shaped windows.

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We Provide Quick, Cheap, And Flawless Curtain Rails Installations 

At Green Grass, you can enjoy the most effortless window treatment upgrades, that too, in the comfort of your home. We offer installation and fixing services for all kinds of rails in residential and commercial areas and our services are highly cost-effective as well. Whether you want to improve the look of your old curtains or are about to have the addition of new drapes, our all-inclusive rail fitting and curtain installation services will have you covered for every need.

We provide the most long-lasting rail installations in no time and you can count on our services for even the most problematic and odd-shaped window coverings. Also, you can get free measurement and material sampling services for the perfect rail fitting.

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Why Choose Us?

Green Grass is a top-tier provider of window treatment products and services in the UAE. At our shop, you’ll come across the widest and most versatile ranges of curtain hardware and accessories with Curtain Rails Dubai being the best-seller. Our luxurious and heavy-duty rails are the ultimate best choice for every window and curtain type and you can get them in multiple trendy styles and finishes. Moreover, we also offer custom designed rails for extra benefits and longevity.

Explore our gallery today and get your hands on the finest rail options for improving your existing curtains or enhancing the new ones. You can also get helpful consultations and recommendations from our experts, free of cost.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A rail can be fixed in multiple ways, depending on the issue. You can replace the brackets or tighten the screws if the rail is loose. In case it is mildly bent, you can try bending it back or replacing it altogether. As for a broken rail, the only fix is a replacement.

Eyelet curtains cannot be directly hung on a track rail because they are designed for curtain poles. However, you can do so in a few ways which include attaching small curtain hooks to the eyelets, cutting off eyelet strips, sewing on header tapes, and using curtain rings with clips.

The first step to installing them is choosing the accurate height and location. Next comes marking the bracket positions, drilling pilot holes, attaching the brackets, and finally installing the rail for the curtain followed by hanging curtains. Ensure that you use the right hardware for your wall type.

Start by determining a suitable mount for the rail. For inside mounting, measure the widest point within the window recess and for outside mounting, measure the width of your window, followed by adding 6 to 8 inches to each side. Round up the measurements to get the right rails.

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