8 Classic Curtain Styles for Your Home In Dubai

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Classic curtain designs never ran out of trend, despite the emergence of many contemporary patterns and designs. Uniqueness, moderateness, and versatility are the salient features for which the classic curtains are appreciated and in high demand at all times.

In Dubai, classic curtain styles often emphasize a blend of tradition and modernism. When choosing curtains for your Dubai home, you have to consider multiple aspects such as color palette, header style, the weight of the fabric, and the level of privacy and light control you desire. Additionally, consulting with Green Grass interior designers or best curtains shop in Abu Dhabi that provide valuable insights into the latest trends and timeless styles that suit your home.

List of the Best Classic Curtain Styles Trending in Dubai

The choice and selection of curtains depend upon several important factors. While living in Dubai, you have to use curtains for different crucial purposes like decoration and aesthetics, light control, privacy protection, temperature regulation, sound absorption, and UV control.

We have listed the eight most popular classic and sophisticated curtain styles for your Dubai home.

  1. French Pleats Curtains

French Pleats Curtains

French pleat curtains are the amalgam of modern and classical appearance. French pleat curtains are also called pinch pleating curtains and are usually categorized into two main types: two-fold French pleats and three-fold French pleats. Such that three or two pleats are stitched together to form triple and double pinch pleats. In double pinch pleats, the top of the curtain is evenly spaced and stitched by two folds whereas in three pinch pleats, the top of the curtain is evenly stitched by three folds. Nowadays, French pleats curtains are available in their latest variant so-called Euro pleats curtain.

  1. Pencil Pleats Curtains

Pencil Pleats Curtains

Pencil pleat curtains are one of the most distinctive and highly demanded sorts of classic curtains style. They can give an appealing and desirable look to your home and room interior. Pencil pleat curtains are called so because the folds in the header of the curtain give a semi-cylindrical look just like the knob of the pencil. The header of these curtains usually comes in 1, 2, and 3 inches of depth. These classic blackout curtains are available in a wide variety of fabrics ranging from lightweight to heavy. Pencil Pleat curtains are also highlighted due to their versatile hanging options by using hooks, rings, and direct curtain rods.

  1. Goblet Pleats Curtains

Goblet Pleats Curtains

The Goblet pleat curtain is a classic and sophisticated style of home and room curtains with a more luxurious look. These curtains are called goblets because the folds in the headers resemble goblets or glass of wine. Goblet pleat curtains are well known for heavy-weight fabrics such as leather, velvet, and brocade. Goblet pleat drapery is crafted by manipulating fabric strips along the upper edge of the drape, where the material is gently pinched together to create a goblet-like shape. These distinct pleats are then filled out using either batting or stiff paper, resulting in increased volume and enhanced uniformity of the drapery.

  1. Shirred Pleats Curtains

Shirred Pleats Curtains

The Shirred pleat curtain is one of the simplest classic décor curtains on our list. The curtain hanging rod simply slipped into the stitched header of the curtain. After this, uniform folds will naturally develop in the header along the curtain rod. These naturally developed uniform folds give modest and contemporary manifestation. Moreover, one of the prominent features is that these curtains would be lined with different types of lining such as thermal or blackout linings for insulation, light control, and privacy. Shirred pleat curtains can be easily maintained with little effort and are also machine washable.

  1. Duo Pleats Curtains

Duo Pleats Curtains

Duo pleats curtains are also known as two-fold curtains and double pleats curtains. Duo pleat curtains give a sophisticated and contemporary option for home and room sheer window treatment. One of the best features of these curtains is their uniform symmetry in double folds. These curtains would also be lined with different lining materials (e.g., thermal and blackout) for insulation, light control, and privacy. Duo pleat curtains are also distinguished from other curtain types due to their long-term fabric efficiency.

  1. Grommet Pleats Curtains

Grommet pleat curtains are well known for their simplicity of usage as a window treatment. These curtains are also called ringed panel curtains with a ray or panel of rings in the header of the curtain. Grommet Pleat curtains can be easily hung by sliding these rings into the curtain rod. These curtains can be easily purchased in all types of curtain markets with multiple colors, fabrics, lengths, and styles.

  1. Smocked Pleats Curtains

Smocked Pleats Curtains

If you want to give your room a luxurious and elegant look then you should go for Smocked pleat curtains. These curtains are well known for their distinguished pleating technique, unique appearance, hanging mechanism, fabric aesthetics, and maintenance. The header of Smocked Pleat curtains has diamond-shaped handcrafted outlines on the fabric. These curtains are available in a vast variety of fabrics and materials such as luxurious silk, medium-weight cotton, and light-weight sheers.

  1. Tab Top Curtains

Tab Top Curtains

This sort of classic curtain has a more prominent and novel hanging mechanism than other curtains on the list. Tab top pleat curtains are named so because metallic or fabric tabs are sewn on the top of the curtain header. These tabs can act as a hook and gently pass through the curtain rod for hanging Tabbed curtains. These tabs are available in various designs like circular, triangular, and rectangular. Due to the easy hanging mechanism, Tab top pleating curtains can be easily installed in every portion of the home.


Due to timeless elegance, sophistication, versatility, customization, and longevity, classic curtains are in high demand at all times. You can customize any color and design according to your choice and window compatibility. Various brands like Green Grass offer you sophisticated and customized classic curtains with enduring and reliable fabric qualities.