How to Hang Grommet Curtains

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Grommet curtains are available in varying styles and materials in the market. These curtains create privacy, make your space look attractive, and prevent the entry of natural light. They give an appealing and delightful look to your home interior. But while purchasing, a question that will likely come to your mind is: is it difficult to hang these window curtains?

This guide provided by Green Grass will help you to hang them conveniently. You just need some essential tools and materials for this process. Let’s discover the steps and required materials.

Required tools & Material

Required tools & MaterialFor precisely hanging grommet curtains, you will require necessary tools and materials.

  1. Measuring Tape: It is an essential material that determines the length and width of the window frame and gives precise measurements.
  1. Stepladder: A stepladder is needed to reach the top of the window frame for length measurement, but if you have alternatives, you can skip it.
  1. Curtain Rod: Essential for bearing the weight and alignment of heavy curtain folds.
  1. Grommet Curtains: After measuring the size of the window frame, purchase grommet curtains according to your preferred design and style.
  1. Screws: These screws ensure the secure attachment of brackets of curtain rods.
  1. Drill: You will need a drill machine to make a hole in the wall for the brackets.
  1. Pencil: It is used to mark the area on the wall for brackets of curtain rods.
  1. Anchors: There will be a need for an anchor because it provides support if you are installing curtains to drywall.
  1. Level: A level is used to ensure you have hung the curtains in a straight line.

Five Steps to Hang Grommet Curtains

Now you have all the required materials, let’s discover how to hang curtains with a grommet.

Step 1: Take Measurement

Take MeasurementBefore directly hanging, it is essential to measure the length and width of the window frame.

  • Use a measuring tape and determine the size of the wall or window frame where you want to hang them.
  • Determine the exact placement. It is recommended to place the rod a little above the frame for the aesthetic appearance of the curtain.
  • Now that you have determined the place, take a pencil and mark the area for the rod brackets.
  • These measurements will help you decide the length and size of the grommet curtain and rod.
  • Now remove all the unnecessary things near the window for proper handling and good finishing.

Step 2: Install Rod

Install RodTake one bracket of curtain rod against the window frame and align it according to the pencil marks.

  • Use a level to ensure its straightness and mark a location for the screw hole. For the second bracket, repeat this process.
  • Take a drill to make a screw hole with the help of drill bits, fix the brackets and ensure the alignment.
  • Adjust brackets to the window frame and place the rods in these brackets according to your preferred location.
  • After placing the rods, properly tighten the bracket screw to ensure a secure fitting.

Step 3: Attach the Curtain

Attach the Curtain GrommetAfter installing the rod, the next step is to attach the curtains. Open them and determine their top.

  • You can also remove wrinkles by ironing it but read instructions before this step as excess heat could damage the fabric.
  • After determining the top of the curtain where grommets (rings) are present, thread it on the rod. Insert the rod from the sliding of the grommet.
  • Repeat this step for the other curtain and determine the position with the help of a level.

Step 4: Adjust the curtains

Adjust the curtainsNow that you have hung the curtains, assess their position, and if the adjustment is incorrect, use a level to ensure the alignment.

  • Stand at a little distance and evaluate again the adjustments and position; this reevaluation will make the grommet curtains look more attractive.

Step 5: Add the Finishing touch

Add the Finishing touchTo add a finishing touch to its hanging process, take a fabric cutter and trim it by cutting extra edges or threads.

  • To add a design or style of your choice, you can add pleats or folds.
  • Now, as you are done with hanging grommet curtains, clean the area by removing all the tools and materials.

Here, you are done with the simple and easy ways of hanging.


This guide will help you to hang all type of curtains with ease. High-tech tools and proper guidance is necessary for ring curtains’ precise hanging. To add elegance and sophistication to your space, hang them by following the above steps, from measurements to preparation and attaching, adjusting, and adding a finishing touch. Window frame measurements is an essential factor for aesthetical window appearance.